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Introduction to the essences.

The intention of the healing energy remedies is to aid the gentle release of the emotional blocks that we have buried deep within our bodies.

Emotions that at the time were locked away to protect us from feeling too much; but there comes a time when the body wishes to release these emotions.


Why? Perhaps we are strong now; strong enough to deal with emotions that were too intense before (e.g. events in childhood, grief, emotional pain, loneliness, anger). Or maybe we wish to grow from the full experience of these emotions, or become free, move forwards, and let go. Or perhaps these emotions are making us ill, tired, and creating negative energy within our bodies and our bodies have had enough.

Perhaps we feel held back by negative belief systems and misperceptions of the truth about who we really are or suspect generational belief systems leading us to sabotage ourselves.

Who knows exactly why we may be called now to stretch ourselves into new territory or that the body is screaming out somewhat with symptoms for us to address on a deeper level. There is usually a meaning that we may often not fully get until the lessons are learned but that the time is now cannot be argued…


Notebook and plant on my lap as I journal in the car while it rains.

Please click on the link for each individual remedy to learn more. I will be updating the knowledge for each remedy as I transcribe them from my journal into hardcopy and then onto this webpage. This may take a little time. All remedies have been prepared and are ready to use.

Combination with Crystal healing stones

These essences often call intuitively for me to combine them with crystal healing stones. Where they have done so I have included a passage about the stones recommended for use with specific remedies. This isn’t something that you MUST do to gain a benefit; if it feels right, then do.

Are they safe?

As the remedies alone fried my science brain when I “just knew how to make them”, I spent many an hour googling how others create healing flower and tree remedies (and it is similar but not identical, from Bach remedies to flower essences).

I researched the plants themselves and their current, historical and religious, herbalistic, or spiritual uses and also the crystal stones suggested for synergism.

Not only this I have researched the trauma of the Irish lands that I sensed to validate to myself I was not going completely daft. It has been an amazing journey and one that with time I have learnt to have absolute trust in because my intuition has not been wrong thus far.

I have not changed the way I was intuitively shown to create these healing essences; some have been adapted according to what felt right.


  • These remedies contain vodka  and so are best not taken if you are a recovering alcoholic. I will let you use your best judgement.
  • As the dose is only a few drops they are safe for children but you may prefer to dilute them in a small amount of water.

How do I take the flower and tree essences ?

Simply take a few drops straight into your mouth or diluted in a small amount of water.

Essences can be taken by day or night and up to several times a day.

Essences need not be taken according to a dosing schedule. Simply take when you feel drawn to take them.

It is ok to use a few different essences. I chop and change mine according to how I feel and what I am drawn to. I always revert to Rose as the “Mother Ship”!



Each remedy has its own “personality”

The descriptive information written for each remedy was written as a channelling while I sat by each tree or plant or as I held a part of the plant in my hands. The remedies are made preserving all the plant intact and so contain the pure essence of the plant and the lands specific to each plant without harming the plant.

Most essences were made in the Summer Months; a few were preserved early in Spring or Autumn  when I was guided to do so (for example Summer’s last rose persisted long into Autumn this year 2015 and Chestnut was specific about using the young budding leaves this Spring).

The remedies have their own character and so there is a slight difference between each individual plant or tree in a given category of plant or tree. For example Ciamalta rose may have a different character to the Rae Rose and so on. Please choose what calls you. I will add a brief paragraph about each plant and why I choose it.

I have been a little stubborn even myself in the making of some of these remedies. Often I will have felt drawn to a certain tree on my long runs in the hills and yet taken weeks to be less busy and actually listen to what remedy was being shown to me. I think the funniest story about my stubbornness was in relation to the Poplar tree remedy.

This remedy is a combination of the healing essence of two poplar trees in the field behind my parent’s house. For months I had been napping on the floor in the hall with the door open listening to the trees. In moments of insomnia I would do the same; opening the door to listen to the rustling trees in the moonlight wind. It soothed me to the core. Poplar leaves are known for their “dance”. These are the poplars at home dancing in the wind.

 I finally “GOT IT” that I was to make a remedy from the poplars after a friend of mine said that she felt my (deceased) Granny Rae was wanting to show me a remedy. It still took me a week to figure that it was the trees in the field where she would have watched me play in as a youngster.

So I used the two poplar trees, that once I got over trying to figure out sensed I was being guided to use. I use vodka to set the remedies. I usually buy this from Aldi it being more affordable than the off-licence (offie). So off I went to buy my vodka, only to be engulfed by students in Aldi and to find an empty vodka shelf. Hmmm. On I went to Lidl and yet again the students had all the vodka sold out. Damn student week I said to myself as I packed myself off to the offie expecting to pay double.

I did indeed almost pay double but it was worth the humour to find that the only vodka available within ease to me was called “Two Trees”; the universe has an amusing way of speaking when you consider my two poplar trees were set using a vodka called “Two Trees”.


I guess in a small way I felt like the madness of making these remedies when I am a pharmaceutically trained scientist confirmed what intuition was telling me. That it is right to make these remedies.

I will do my best to not overwrite in the descriptive as I believe that there is so much more to each plant that is unique and individual to you and an excess of my words may influence your decision should you let your mind over-ride your heart in your decision.

Can I combine the remedies?

Remedies can be combined up to three in a bottle.

For example Ash, Clover and Rose has been helpful to support the emotional healing and release of vaccine trauma or environmental toxicity; and Hawthorn, Ash and Rose for me is one that stimulates deep dreaming and is quite a strong little remedy. Poplar and Rae Rose connect me to my grandmother because these were sourced with her in my heart; I sense they connect many to that “Grandmother love”. Beech and Rose combine lovely to support a mothering heart centred self-love and Oak one that will combine well with many other remedies that call you.

I often use colours to guide choice and many clients do very well on the warming sun energy from yellow rose combined with yellow kidney vetch and yellow orchid.

There is no right and wrong with these remedies.

If you are a logical thinker and find it hard to choose, then consider narrowing it down using the location of where these plants most happily reside. Some of the remedies have been taken from beside running water, or from the mountains and country hills and a few called to me from the seaside with their healing spanning out into the depths of the oceans.

Please do provide feedback about your experiences as this means a tremendous amount to me and will be helpful for others.

Lastly, don’t expect too much from the remedies as they are gentle, nurturing and work with you only to release what you are ready to release at a pace that is comfortable. Sometimes we are only able for small progress; other days giant leaps. There is no right and no wrong. It does help to believe in yourself; when you believe in yourself miracles happen and in believing in yourself you are believing in your choices and hence the chosen remedy.

Too often myself I take a remedy before sleep asking spirit for deep insightful dreams. What I get is often a solid nights sleep and no dream recollection or a mash of dreams that I cannot make sense of. Deep down though; there is nurturing and healing happening and if I try to control it too much it generally backfires, as they say “patience is a virtue”.

What are you most drawn to? This is usually a sure sign of what is for you and helpful to aid your choice if you feel too overwhelmed to choose or start ‘logic’ing it out.

Don’t worry; early in the healing path it can at times feel hard to make decisions for yourself, but with time you will learn to be more assertive.

Final note: when possible I have used pictures from where these remedies have come from and with time I will build up a better photo library. This past few years has been more about the making of the remedies than collecting photographs.

Please enjoy these remedies and if you feel comfortable share your journey.