Welcome to my new blog where I will over the coming months bring the magical story of the Healing Tree and Plant Essences of Ireland to you.

My Journey creating the Essences

It excites me, thankfully more than it frightens me, to finally share with you the plant wisdom that I have collected in the past years. Plant wisdom that called to me and always meant something deep in my soul.

As a child I spent hours in nature and choose to spend a lot of my time in the company of trees; and then life got busy with being an adult. Spending time in nature continued to be an important part of who I was and I did continue to spend time walking, running, and biking outdoors; but perhaps not enough. Things changed however early in  2014  and after returning from 3 months in Reno where I was growing and soul-searching,  the call became too strong to ignore. I found myself regardless of what else I had to do, out hiking or biking the hills and country lanes surrounding Newport feeling a strong sense of mission. I would cycle for miles just knowing there was somewhere I was meant to go and something I was supposed to find.


I would often stop to feel the peaceful energy of old derelict sites; or sit under the large branches of many trees in the forest or by mountain streams, or stop a while hidden deep in the forestry of Keeper Hill or hidden by the river in the Clare Glens, or  pause time in quiet listening and contemplation by the ancient Stone Cairn Tomb in Shanballyedmond or the stone circles at Lough Gur, Co. Limerick.

Different places caught my attention for various reasons. I would feel the ancient history of a place, the whispering wisdom of the trees, or notice new life in the young plants all the while nature in its busyness would grace my presence with animals from ladybugs, bees, butterflies, and horses, to gentle new-born foals and giant dragonflies. There was a message in everything and a nurturing for my heart in all…. I felt connected and truly honoured.

(I know it sounds daft but if you notice an animal that is unusual or unexpected in your surroundings then I suggest perhaps having a look online at the spirit and totem animal sites to decipher the message that is in the special visitation. Sometimes it is just too uncanny and if anything it is a bit of fun. For example as I was sitting by Beech and writing my notes I noticed little spiders everywhere and as I wrote Yellow Kidney Vetch a bumble bee was intent on entertaining me.)

“The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. As longs as this exists, and it certainly always will, I know that then there will always be comfort for every sorrow, whatever the circumstances may be. And I firmly believe that nature brings solace in all troubles.”
Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

The trees, plants and animals spoke, and I finally listened. I spent a whole year journaling, documenting, making, and testing the remedies. And gradually they have become a part of my practice as their magic became more and more apparent and as clients were drawn to try them. I had time, to both experience and learn these little remedies while growing confident with how drastically different this therapeutic approach is given my conventional education. But perhaps it is what the soul always knew.

These are safe and gentle energetic healing remedies. And as any up to date scientist knows; energy will be the medicine of our future. Furthermore they can be used by adults, children, healthy persons and chronically ill patients; they will not interact with other medications or supplements (unless the interaction is with alcohol).

“Every tree, every plant, has a spirit. People may say that a plant has no mind. I tell them that a plant is alive and conscious. A plant may not talk, but there is a spirit in it that is conscious, that sees everything, which is the soul of the plant, its essence, what makes it alive.”
~ Pablo Amaringo

It is probably only when the journey came full circle and I had done the inner work on myself, that I have now the strength and confidence to share these precious remedies with you. And for me to be there now in support and guidance for you as you soul search and discover your inner strength and realise  that you have always been on the right path.  It is you turn now to step forwards boldly and proudly with a stronger sense of who you are and why you are here.

It is good to arrive at a point of acceptance that we don’t need ALL the answers right now to take the first leaps of faith; sometimes the answers come some time after the questions have been asked. All that matters truthfully is that we follow what feels right and have faith. All will make sense in good time.

Finally we get it; we see that the journey to now was all about the lessons and experiences which grew us into more.

All the while learning faith and patience, a sense of what really matters to us in life, and to let go of trying to control everything (which to be honest is effing tiring).

Bear with me:

This site will be a work in progress, as to bring the essence of the message in each remedy to you requires some time and patience in my ability to use words to describe what words often cannot. The remedies I have found often work best given no name or description, minimal anticipation and little expectation; just let them to their own gentle work.

Many times I take a remedy before a meditation (hoping for grand revelations!) only to pass out asleep. I KNOW that so much has happened in that brief nap and yet wake with little recollection and only a strong sense of something significant going on.

I have chosen to name these precious moments of rest “napitations”.

For the thinkers like me and I know that it is a rare woman who can turn her mind off everything; I wonder do we do our best healing work in the dream world of sleep and naps, and the daydreams of stillness in nature. In fact I believe so…..

Healing our inner wounds and emotions isn’t about forced talk and in-depth analysis. Perhaps it is so gentle and profound as to be a release in our lack of trying, a subtle yet significant shift in awareness in our simply being ready for more….

An acceptance of what was in our pasts, a realisation that we are so much more in our now, and a quiet excitement and invitation to what lies ahead.

Are you ready?

So if it feels right for you, don’t put off doing this for yourself. It will mark the start of your journey into an increasing ability to put yourself first. And truly this simply means having more to give others.

marianne williamson

What I will promise is that this will and should be a fun journey for both you and me; after all life isn’t meant to be serious. You are coming to me, on some level, to remember who you are and to set yourself free into the wondrousness of all that you are. For some brief moment, if we allow it, and with the continued support of the energy remedies we will shed the weight of what is holding you back and release into your strength and inner power. This should be fun!

I believe that we are all here with a purpose.

One that we can feel deep in our Being, one that screams out with a knowing of what truly means something within us and yet gets suffocated in the daily ‘should do’s and need to’s’.

We feel tired, we get frustrated and we give up when we feel far from this Path. Yet we know that there simply has to be more. Deep down it doesn’t feel a stretch too far to imagine waking up into a life that feels more purposeful; one that is happy and bright and silly and spontaneous. And maybe, just for a little while it is ok to ask for a nudge into strength to make better choices to allow these changes unfold.


If you open yourself up to the mysteries of the Universe, the loving guidance of the Invisible and the knowing that somewhere within You there is a compass to guide you forward into a life filled with more meaningful experiences, connections, moments and memories; then perhaps this will give you the belief to invest in yourself.


An Intro to the Energy Essences:

The tree and plant energy essences are simple in nature; love and healing in a bottle so to speak. Preserved by vodka and made using clean filtered water at specific times in the lunar cycle; by day or night as guided by my intuition and nudges from the plants.

They are made using a technique that is deeply sacred and meaningful to me. How? I simply knew. It became clear to me while spending time in nature that the trees and plants held profound intelligence and energetic frequencies intricately linked to the history of the lands in which they are located, and they hold the ability to aid the healing of not only our own present and past wounds, but perhaps also ancestral emotional wounds carried subconsciously within.

Keeper Hill, Co. Tipperary. Known in Irish as Ciamalta, the Guardian Mountain.
Keeper Hill, Co. Tipperary. Known in Irish as Ciamalta, ‘the Guardian Mountain’.

We are for want of better words deeply connected to our beautiful lands, all a piece of the one with our fellow humanity, and deeply bound by heart and soul to the ancestors of our past. Our DNA holds the story of our past and our lands the history of time. And just like a spider web intricately connects the branches of a tree, the history of our country binds us each to one another; on some level we each hold a memory of one another.

This should not be a burden; more so a key to unlock our future and a compassion for one another that goes beyond the dividing lines of our country.

There is a healing message in our indigenous Irish plants; the Druids wrote often of the healing power in our Trees specifically.  When I slowed down sufficiently in life to be present and listening I started to notice not only this healing message of the plants but the historical trauma of our lands. I believe that the history of Ireland and her plant medicine are intricately linked. The plants hold a significant key, an energetic vibration to heal the psyche of the Irish. A key to aid us unlock our heart and soul into the Path and Purpose we came here for. A key to set us free from the ancestral traumas that we carry and hold us back. An energy to sooth and restore, and a love to reignite the flame of your own essence.

If you have been drawn to take these tree and plant essences then there is a part of you wishing to discover more too…


This is an amazing oak tree on the outskirts of Killaloe; when you drive by it is hard not to stop the car dead just to breathe in its energy. This oak tree is an angel oak.

The trees in Hawaii reminded me of our trees here in Ireland. They also hold the energy of the past and told a story of great pain (and hope)

Trees, knowledge, wisdom, and Truth were inextricably linked in the minds of early people’s, and their rites, and rituals were performed in the presence of this most venerable of the trees, the oak.

But for ancestral Celts or the Druids, the oak did not stand alone as a special tree. Indeed, surviving texts from Ireland, where Druids kept their place in society for much longer than in other Celtic countries, refer to other trees more often than the oak. All trees are sacred to Druids. Many of them are mentioned in the poems and stories of the Bards, where they are an integral part of the mythology, teachings, healing, and magic. The Trees Speak by Graeme K. Talboys

I could tell you so many stories about my journey with these little remedies and will leave this up to you to ask me in person if you are curious. Suffice to say; they pushed me to the limits of letting go of my science conditioning and to open to that something more called the Greater Wisdom of the Universe.

The intention of the healing energy remedies is to aid the gentle release of the emotional blocks that we have buried deep within our bodies. Emotions that at the time were locked away to protect us from feeling too much; but there comes a time when the body wishes to release these emotions.

Why? Perhaps we are strong now; strong enough to deal with emotions that were too intense before (e.g. events in childhood, grief, emotional pain, loneliness, anger). Or maybe we wish to grow from the full experience of these emotions, or become free, move forwards, and let go. Or perhaps these emotions are making us ill, tired, and creating negative energy within our bodies and our bodies have had enough.

Perhaps we feel held back by negative belief systems and misperceptions of the truth about who we really are, or suspect generational belief systems leading us to sabotage ourselves.

Who knows exactly why we may be called now to stretch ourselves into new territory or that the body is screaming out somewhat with symptoms for us to address on a deeper level. There is usually a meaning that we may often not fully get until the lessons are learned but that the time is now cannot be argued…

to dream is to travel
To dream is to travel far into the unconscious; unlimited by time and space

The tree and plant essences are also a wonderful doorway into meditations and dream world.

I use the remedies often for sleep, meditations and energy treatments on my PEMF mat. I frequently use them in combination with crystal stones, collected local stones like white and rose quartz (found in abundance on our hills), and high vibrational aromatherapy oils like Vibrant Blue Oils and Young Living oils formulated specifically for deep emotional as well as physical healing.

You don’t have to use all of these strategies. Stick to what is comfortable for you and resonates with what you believe in. A few years ago I would have been sceptical; experiences have changed this as I have grown the number of tools that I use to balance and ground myself such that I can function in work, sport, and life to a high level.

Honour your own intuition regarding your individual healing path; this is the key to your success 🙂

Seek the advice of others along the way; but never forget the wisdom within as you will KNOW what feels right or wrong for you.


To read more about the individual remedies please click here

About Andrea:

Andrea by darren 5

I could write a long spiel about myself; my education, my successes in work and life, my passions, my failures, famous and not so famous clients, and the whole rigmarole but this journey isn’t about me; it is about YOU.

I don’t feel comfortable trying to impress you with the normal media promotional jargon as this truly is your time to shine now, with whatever support and experience and insights that I can bring to assist you. The past few years have shown me that I have a knack to bring to light that which another soul seeks. So if something feels right about coming to see me, at a time that feels right, then honour this. My feelings wont be hurt if this isn’t for you. There is a time and a place for everything and you must honour this; always. But if you do choose to work with me then I am truly excited to see where the start of your journey unfolds…

THE most inspiring thing to me in life is to watch someone kick fear to the curb and choose to embrace change…

If you are nosy, then I am easy to find on Google and you will some glimpses of my story on my other blogs A-C Health Solutions and Journeys in Healing.

This is a video captured by my parents that I had no idea existed until recently! I spent my childhood running around a garden and helping my mum and grandparents in the daily summer garden chores. I always loved Nature, she tirelessly soothed me and she has never failed me.


How to choose a remedy:

Well that’s easy; above all simply go with your gut!

Although I have done my best to channel the energies and messages of these special trees and plants, they may have a very different meaning and purpose for you. So first allow yourself to be drawn to the remedy, and then read the words. But above all let yourself be guided back to the one that holds your attention.

Up to three different healing plant and tree essences can be combined together into one remedy.

I wish you love and healing and that you will find your inner Peace in these healing essences from our amazing lands here in Ireland. Choose what calls you; there is a deeper wisdom in what we are drawn to that is far greater than any logic.

Why book an appointment?

I believe that the journey with these remedies involves coming into the clinic and spending some time with me. These healing remedies are not only a part of the plants energy but also of my healing energy. And when I prepare your remedy I am focusing intentions specific to you into the remedy also. There is often more to unfold in a personal meeting and I urge you to come to see me for a consultation first before choosing your remedy. That said it is not obligatory…. go with your gut.

What to expect?

Nothing and everything!

What I mean here is don’t focus all your beliefs into this remedy healing all your problems and ailments without you working with the remedy.

Healing requires us to be ready to let go, to become part of the flow, to trust, to be grateful, and to expect the best. Healing requires a shift in your focus from problems to seeking joy; from obsessing on obstacles to creating in some part our destiny; from beating ourselves up and viewing ourselves negatively to appreciating what we have; loving ourselves and choosing to grow from our experiences; and to take back accountability and develop a child like wonder once more at the awesome opportunities we have in life.


Your consultation will be specific to you and will draw upon what it is that you intuitively seek from heart and soul. This usually unfolds in a gentle, organic, and fun way as we chat. Just like a flower blossoms our meeting will grow into itself so long as we both come from our hearts and allow as best we can.

We will both get a clear feeling for what calls you; be it a specific plant essence or a mixture, an energy connection where I will for want of better words use my energy to connect with you and also if you are drawn, we may include the use of potent vibrational essential oils and crystals.

There truly are no rules to the process and I usually am left in heart centred awe as the universe steps in to guide us.

Don’t forget that often this is as intimidating to me as it is you. After all we are only just meeting! Our meeting  requires me to be my most honest and vulnerable self with you, open to sharing my own personal insights and experiences with you while passing on important messages and nudges to you. This takes a fair amount of bravery on my behalf also so we may as well have fun with it!

paulo Coehlo

So as best we can let’s have fun with this. The journey that we are all on (life) is about experience, enjoyment and making connections with people that allow for our growth.

I believe that there are two things that matter most in life; love and connection. Without love there is no connection and without connection we cannot love.

At times the energy in the consultation room can be very high and so don’t worry if you leave feeling energetically elevated and then very tired. I believe this is the subconscious mind releasing and making sense of new ideas, perceptions and concepts and the body healing and releasing deep emotions. This is a good thing!

The clinic isn’t only about tree and plant essences, connective chat, and energy healing work.

We do offer many other therapies and high level athlete and a return to health from illness focused consultations in the clinic.  I did however, want to keep this blog specific to the beautiful healing plant and tree essences and to keep the focus to opening your consultation to that which your soul calls for now. If you would like to read more about other available clinic services please follow this link to A-C Health Solutions blog.

There are several services that may specifically complement your visit such as Pulsed wave electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) using the iMRS2000 with iSLRS biofeedback system, or our essential oils (using Vibrant Blue oils EOs and Young Living Essential oils); please click the links to learn more and don’t be afraid to request these services when you visit.

Andrea also uses hands on intuitive healing and when you visit you will also notice that the clinic is full of beautiful crystal stones. Please don’t hold back if you are drawn to some!

I am intuitively drawn to crystals myself and use them often personally combined with PEMF and healing tree and flower essences for my own personal healing, energetic rebalancing and most importantly soul nurturing.

I have no doubt in my mind that just as everything in our world holds a unique vibration and frequency so too do crystals (and aromatherapy oils) and this energy can have a huge impact on our bodies, healing and the release of emotions. You will know if crystal healing is for you as you will be drawn to specific crystals in the clinic be they the smaller tumbled and rough stones or the fabulous crystal spheres.

This is exactly how it should be; let me know which stones ou are drawn to and simply hold it over the area of your body as you are so drawn. We can investigate more using several crystal dictionaries should you like as it is always fascinating and amusing if not slightly uncanny to see which crystals people are drawn to.

This is interesting: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-real-power-of-crystals-attesting-to-atoms/

Contact the clinic or book an appointment:

Where to find us:

The clinic is located at Office Ireland, Ducart Suite, Castletroy Park Commercial Campus, Castletroy, Co. Limerick, V94 Y6FD, Ireland.

Directions can be found here:

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I am a hit and miss blogger 🙂

You will find lots of support and interesting articles on my A-C Health Solutions blog and also for more on emotions and healing on my personal blog Andrea Cullen

I look forward to connecting with you and touching your journey, as much as you will touch mine x


I whisper ancient knowledge in the breeze

And provide shade on a hot day.

I offer comfort in my branches when you seek rest

and play for young brave souls.


Listen closely to my guidance,

for I speak the language of Soul.

Let your heart beat with mine a moment,

until you Remember….


Inhale life into you like the first breath;
Feel the rush of wisdom deep in your veins.
Appreciation for All that you are,
and let your Essence define you.


…And then you will fly Dear One,
Guided by the compass of Soul,
The directions of Heart,
And the knowing of Experience.

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