Earth Connection flower essence blend

Connection, Love, Respect

Divine love & Wisdom

This is a beautiful healing flower essence that called me strongly today while out playing in the early morning sun. If the words above grab your attention then this lovely positive-buzzing remedy may be for you.

earth connection 3
This mornings wild flower collection; all except the lilac gave their healing energy into this remedy. The energy in this remedy is that of a perfect Irish Summer’s day.

I recorded a video to better describe this remedy which I am calling Earth Connection. I think that the best way to describe what this remedy can give us, if we are open to receive, is by asking you to imagine the following feelings:

This is what Earth Connection flower essence creates:

  • Waking full of energy just knowing that it is a glorious sunny day outside; you feel alive and yet deeply peaceful, invigorated and excited for the day. Imagine what this energy feels like; it is positive, creative, appreciative, and forward focused.
  • Feeling deeply connected to everything around you; the wild flowers and trees, nature and her wildlife. Your senses are extra sharp and you can feel everything that is alive, hear every sound down to the hum of distant bumble bees, smell the waft of summer flowers and freshly cut grass, and see everything in technicolour sharpness. You feel a part of life, and life feels a part of you. This is what feeling connected means; you are cocooned in safety and you are not alone.
  • The sun and her rays connecting deeply to every part of your being; giving life to your blood stream right into the core of your being. You want to stop and drink it all up; store it for future days when the sun may not shine so brightly. We are sun-powered creatures and when we are tapped into the sun; we feel boundless energy and limitless creativity. (If you are seeking creative inspiration consider combining this with Indian Paintbrush remedy).
  • That feeling on a sunny day where everything is more vivid, more alive and more clear in your eyes; it is like life is 3D and more beautiful than you have ever seen it. It is the spine tingling feeling as you realize what a blessing life is. All your worries stop and you just breathe it all in. Today you will not stress the small stuff and will enjoy the bigger picture and see the true meaningful things in life.
  • A deep love, respect, and sense of connection to Mother Earth; even a sense of responsibility towards her as you sense her providing for you in more ways that you can count. You feel gratitude wash through you for your life; and the learning experiences. They all seem to make more sense in this moment.
  • A strong feeling of faith and hope; a faith and hope that not only will everything be OK; but that everything already is.
  • Grounded, positive, alive, empowered.

This is my intention for Earth Connection healing flower essences. If you are interested to use this remedy please email me.

The remedy is made from 4 Irish wild flowers; flowers that for most of us bring memories of endless summers as children playing outdoors.  The 4 flowers are: Bush Vetch, Red Clover, Dandelion and Dog Daisy; each is working in synergy with the other.


earth connection 4
Dandelion, Red clover, Dog daisy, Bush vetch.



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