Connecting your feet back into the ground,

Your heart back with the heart of Mother Nature,

Your intuition in sync with the ebb and flow of life,

Your soul to timeless wisdom.

Connecting your breath with peace and stillness,

And every part of your being with the loving support and all-encompassing acceptance of the universe.



I felt inspired to make a second Earth Connection remedy to add to my previous one Earth Connection (2016): I wanted to make this one in Vodka as Earth Connection 2016 is set in Vinegar and also to use a different location with different energy.

May in Ireland is the most gorgeous time of the year; the fresh bright green, new born animals in the fields on gangly legs by their mother’s side, morning birdsong, and the return of the Swallows from the Southern hemisphere; I don’t think that anyone will argue against creating a remedy that summarizes this energy of birth and life.

Both remedies have slightly different energies based on the location that the flowers and plants have been collected from. Choose what calls you.


Dewy Sunrise Earth Connection was collected very early on 31st May 2017. I rose far earlier than normal, with the dawn sun, and was called to the bog on Annaholty to do my training run. It was on this run that I was shown the remedy, the plants, and their meaning. I also spotted a flighty hare (see below).

Many believe that we cannot find a quiet space of peace and knowing in our minds unless we are meditating; I argue that it is when we are in nature connected to the rhythm of our breathing whether we are walking, running or cycling that we feel the all and everything. For me training is about building physical and mental strength and also learning the skill of turning all thoughts off and finding a state of flow. It is important as healers and givers to be strong of not only mind but in body.

The plants used to make this remedy are:

  • Oxeye daisy (we used to always call these dog daisies growing up! their Latin name is Leucanthemum vulgare)
  • Red clover (Trifolium pratense)
  • Bush vetch (Vicia sepium)
  • Germander seedwell (Veronica chamaedrys)
  • Grey willow (Salix cinerea)
  • and downy Birch (betula pubescens)

I used the energy of sun, moon, local quartz from Ireland and South Africa as well as crow feathers. You will recognise many of the flowers below from our hedgerows, fields and gardens. I did want to use buttercup, as the fields are full of their glorious yellow canopy currently, BUT they contain toxic substances that I wouldn’t risk even in a plant remedy such as this.

As mentioned I was gifted the sighting of a hare on my run. The hare is mentioned in my Druid animal oracle so I thought that I would add a little more here for your interest.

The Hare card brings the message of rebirth, intuition, balance. Gearr, the Hare, brings us the benefits of balance and intuition, of promise and fulfillment. The hare is a creature of the Goddess, the moon and the night, and yet it also represents the dawn, brightness and the east. It is the most adept of animals at shape-shifting: we can never be sure exactly where the hare is – in this or the Otherworld. It represents intuition, which makes things appear suddenly in our consciousness, like the lapwing eggs of Eostre, that magically appear in the hare’s form (nest).

As representative of the Corn Spirit and the two equinoxes, the hare brings the excitement of rebirth, fertile abundance and willing release as each creative cycle comes to an end. With the hare as your ally you will be well able to negotiate times of change, and you will be able to draw on your intuition to guide you through life. from The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

Intuition needs the invitation of quiet space to be present in our lives. This is why being alone in nature with your thoughts, and the nature sounds and sights, is where our greatest moments of clarity, knowing, and truth can present. You must create the space….. 

The Journey with this remedy:

For me this remedy connects me back to myself, takes me out of my head and back into my feet. Sometimes connecting with my heart alone isn’t enough for me to feel safe and present. I need to feel connected right into the ground below my feet as if there is an umbilical cord between us and a symbiosis of energy. Then I feel at home.

This remedy reminds me that my daily actions are more than just about myself and the multiple roles that I play in life. It reminds me that I have a sense of responsibility not only to others but also to Mother Nature and this astonishingly beautiful country that I live in.

It is part of my ‘job’ and purpose to be present and listening to the energies of life around me and to do as I am nudged, and to give back as I am shown, and to be there as I am guided. How we give back is individual for each of us; I feel very strongly in my being that my connection with nature is of critical importance to who I am.  We cannot hear the subtle earth messages when we are all caught up in ‘us’ and ‘being busy’.

There are also days when I crave to feel the feet beneath my feet; a ‘smell the roses’ training run as my coach calls it is all that it takes for me to restore the balance within me in my life, in order for me to show up and be there for others. I am fortunate in that I have built my life to be this way. I live in the countryside, I have changed career to one that is more flexible, and I have let go of needing much so that we can live a simple life.

For me, all that I must do to feel connected again to my earth mother, is to simply go outside, drop my thoughts and connect my feet back into the ground. IF I didn’t have all this available to be I would want to take this remedy.

If you live in the city but feel a part of your soul needs the country, if you live outside of Ireland and yearn for her connection, if you are having trouble connecting back into the belly of mother earths energy then this remedy may be for you.

And remember; these remedies are gentle; they ask us to do some work too. So buy a house plant, plant some roses in tubs, sit in a park, make a day trip to the countryside; do what you must do to reconnect.

If this remedy calls to you honour her nudge; and remember that how they work for each of us is a personal and individual journey; one that we don’t always have to understand.

Much love,