“‘An ambush,’ said Owl, ‘is a sort of Surprise’
‘So is a gorse-bush sometimes,’ said Pooh.”

Gorse, no flower ushers in heady memories of Ireland, Spring, and my grandmother more than the gorse.

Spring gorse
Autumn gorse

Spend a moment to stop and smell the gorse blossoms; they bloom almost all year round but with particularly loud announcement in the Spring as they literally cover the hills and bogs with their bright yellow blossoms. The gorse flowers have a gorgeous subtle scent of coconut; be careful of the sharp thorns in the gorse as they pack a painful punch.

Note the thorns

Growing up my Granny Rae used to tell me stories of how she made gorse water to rinse her long down to her waist hair. It fascinated me. I never knew my Granny when she had hair this long; she lost it all before I was born in grief for her sister’s death. I only knew my gran, with, well gran hair!

My granny Rae, both grans in fact (So also my gran Muriel) were important people in my journey into healing; only I never fully knew it. Such is life, such is the preciousness of how our elders allow us to grow and learn under their watchful eye. Although passed over for many years now they speak to me in a different language that is stronger than ever. For their encouragement in my journey with the plants and trees of our lands I am forever grateful and ever the eager student.

Boundaries in life

Gorse is the flower of boundaries. She helps us to create the adult boundaries required for life while also allowing the healing and nurturing of our inner child.

Traditionally gorse was used as a boundary between fields. The sharp thorns in gorse making a resilient and strong fence that animals didn’t traverse (I am not sure that I would attempt this either!). Gorse assists us to create well defined boundaries in life. Something that is of great importance when maintaining balance and energy in our lives. Boundaries are not walls; walls lock you in and lock people out and leave for an empty heart. Boundaries allow the movement of giving and receiving; and when deliberately and lovingly set improve the quality of our lives and of our loved ones, work colleagues and those whom we cross in life.


Gorse assists us to see ourselves in a positive light; to see with eyes of truth. Gorse helps us to see beauty in the eyes of self through self nurturing. To curb the constant self-criticism and endless self-judgment over who we think we should be and instead allow ourselves to be. When we allow ourselves to be, we grow and with appropriate boundaries we are safe to do so.

Protection and connection to the land.

Gorse protects the land, and for those sensitive to feeling the land gorse remedy helps connect you more deeply into your ‘earth’ connection and your heart ties with the Irish land.

Day-dreaming and vivid dreaming

Gorse encourages day dreaming and finding our path gently as it doesn’t elevate ones feet off the ground or take you out of the real world.

note – after writing up this remedy I took some to connect me even more deeply; in case I had missed anything. Although my subconscious will have been thinking of my grandmothers as I drifted off to sleep I had the most vivid memories and then dreams of both grandmothers and my grandfather that I knew. So vivid that I was walking through every room in their houses and then sitting down and inviting in their guidance and a ‘chat’. Just as I would have as a child. I had a precious deep slumber, to wake to a gorgeous morning and a long run out in the Newport-Murroe hills; surround by, yes you have guessed it; May blooming gorse!

For me this signifies that gorse may assist you to remember the positive memories of our past and ancestors.

Combination with other healing energy essences:

Gorse can be blended according to your intuition. Whatever calls you please let me know and I can custom blend it for you.

Combination with healing gemstones:

Combine with green stones for crystal healing. e.g. green calcite, green quartz – Siberian green quartz, green amethyst or amethyst and rose quartz.

Other uses for gorse flowers:

Use flowers in tea, sorbet, ice-cream and cordials. I am sure that there are many other twists that cordial can be used for.

Gorse petals can also be added to the bath.

I am particularly fond of gorse scented candles and despite my quest I have not yet found a good quality gorse flower aromatherapy oil.

If gorse calls you, pay heed. She is very beautiful, strong and native remedy.


PS the gorse, or Furze as it is called in Irish, has a strong connection to the spirit of the horse.