As the evenings draw ever earlier and the light feels like it escapes our hearts,
When its hard to see through the veil as Autumn greets Winter.
When the swallows have left, and the nights draw long.
And we shy from our inner world and feel lost in the outer one;

Hope blooms in a garden.

When we run from the nudge to retreat within,
and anxiously, fearfully, fight the deep call to slow down, do less, sleep more.
When our energy ebbs amidst the autumn death;
And we cannot seem to muster our inner light to shine on our dreams and visions:

Hope blooms in a garden.

Things slow, but they don’t stop.
Leaves die but they don’t tell a story of rest and preparation.
The day looks bleak if you forget to notice the crimson harvest in the hedgerows.
The sun may fade and her beams feel weak; but she never leaves.

Hope blooms in a garden.

She reminds us that our hearts and desires still burn.
She nudges you to slow down and go within.
She urges you to nurture and heal the wounds from the frantic, hectic months;
and to refill your cup in preparation for the return of longer days.

Your inner world is rich, it is the place of deep growth if you spend the time to listen to the call of your soul. There you find the answers, there you heal a restless soul; there you find peace.

Hope blooms in the last rose of Autumn, in my garden.

Details about this remedy:

This remedy is made on the 11.10.2017 just after the sun came through the days rain and gifted us a beautiful Autumn evening. Two roses were used and the energies of sun and also chestnuts from San Marino, a small little country nestled inside Italy which we visited recently while in Italy for an Ironman race. PS San Marino is beautiful and somewhere I highly recommend visiting and especially on the tourist off-season.


Why take this remedy?

This is a beautiful evening to help blast through those Winter blues as the Autumn evenings shorten and the days feel dark and motivation and positivity wane. I made this remedy just after our Harvest Full moon October 2017, a time which is intense to say the least for many. A time that we know we are filled with gratitude for all that we have, yet struggle to keep strong as the Summer light fades.

I also struggle with these feelings in addition to how I feel the world battling to keep moving forwards. So much conflict within people. I also miss the swallows and green and life of Summer. BUT, this is the time for going within….. grab it.

Please contact me if you would like to take this remedy.