I whisper ancient knowledge in the breeze
And provide shade on a hot day.
I offer comfort in my branches when you seek rest,
and play for young brave souls.

Listen closely to my guidance,
for I speak the language of Soul.
Let your heart beat with mine a moment,
until you Remember….

Inhale life into you like the first breath;
Feel the rush of wisdom deep in your veins.
Appreciation for All that you are,
and let your Essence define you.

…And then you will fly Dear One,
Guided by the compass of Soul,
The directions of Heart,
And the knowing of Experience.


You must first search to FIND,
Look out to see with-IN,
Lose something to gain EVERYTHING,
Know emptiness to truly LOVE,

We must feel doubt to know CERTAINTY,
Be at war within to know the meaning of PEACE,
Give it all to RECEIVE,
and expect NOTHING while being a part of EVERYTHING.

These may be difficult times my friend,
when we only see the rain.
But when you piece together all the glorious moments,
Then… you will know we are all a piece of the DIVINE.

Love, Andrea