Key words for Heather plant healing essence:

“Autumn Hope”

“Nurture and nest”

“Patience and tolerance through the changing season”

“Sun energy to guide us through the darker evenings”

“A still mind and trusting heart”


“A reminder of your role in the bigger picture”

“An ability to let go of seeking recognition, while having faith in the time now being right to speak up for your truth and defend what is right”

“Quiet confidence in your healing gifts and a reminder of your strengths”

“Acknowledgement and gratitude for all women who walked before…..”

“An awakening of the forgotten or suppressed healing gifts of the women of Ireland”


women healers

Celtic women were distinct in the ancient world for the liberty and rights they enjoyed and the position they held in society. Although political and public life was largely the domain of men, they were not excluded from any occupation and they held positions of authority. Women served as chieftains, druids, warriors, poets and healers; they served as diplomats and judges; and they served as arbitrators, mediating in political and military disputes and in tribal assemblies…to read more

Purple Heather, also known as Calluna Vulgaris or Ling is the purple heather that we see flowering through August and September on our local hills and bogs in Ireland. Heather’s botanical name is Calluna vulgaris. Calluna originates from the Greek Kallyno, meaning “beauty, sweep clean”.

Heather has a long history in Ireland and many uses. The most familiar to us will be heather honey and heather meade. In Austria heather flowering tips are used as a tea.

Heather on silvermines 2

Heather plant healing essence fills the heart with the last of Summer rays, she is a playful and colour-filled energy; she nourishes the heart and stills the worried mind as the seasons once more transition. Season changes can instill us with feelings of anxiety, being sun creatures we Irish feel uneasy as the sun once more dips into darker evenings. Heather assists us transition smoothly though change and in doing so support others.

Heather shares with us her resilience, persistence, co-operative nature and balance. She gifts you a reminder of your role in the bigger picture. A role that comes without expectation or a need for acknowledgement.

Heather brings a quiet confidence to our hearts; a confident reminder of  years of experiences that have been accumulated through a lifetimes learning.

Heather is a special remedy for women healers – a reminder of old healing ways that speaks with a new voice free from the past bonds of victim-hood, silence and persecution – it is time to step up. Heather remedy assists this, she helps heal the mother wound (please follow this link to read a superb article)  – she is a link to the Pure energy created by the Path of our ancestors; the strong yet never-mentioned forgotten women of Ireland – we haven’t forgotten.

Most heather is purple in colour; purple is the colour of the third-eye chakra; Heather assists us to ‘see’ with a peace and clarity that is uncluttered by the mind. It is a seeing ‘feeling’, rather than a seeing ‘knowing’.

I recommend that you work with this remedy by spending some quiet time in nature or in silent meditation – heather  will assist you in finding your answer by ‘letting go’ and allowing the answers to come to you.

Heather is a remedy recommended for women, for women who have started the journey. Heather can be combined with Beech to heal any mothering / mother-daughter issues that may arise as you follow your healing journey. Please click the remedy “Mother’s Love” if so nudged.


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