I am the flower that will assist the healing of deep wounds,
The wounds buried in deep depths that we struggle to unlock and forgive.
The source of pain and suffering that we often only know how to release in physical pain and illness.

Protea helps unravel and free these deeply hidden pains;

such that we can return to balance within our cells and instill peace into our body.

Protea gifts us these final healing pieces, to set ourselves free.

Making Protea, January 18th, 2017
After a long journey of exploration, experience and learning; it is time now to see yourself as well, healed, whole, forgiven….it is time now to become present, to step up, to let go, to take charge, and to lead. You are not broken, but a perfect being moulded by an extraordinary and unique journey. Your journey gives others a footstep to walk more confidently in. 


Protea is best taken late in the healing journey to bring us past the blocks our hearts and minds cannot journey into alone. Protea is the healer for the healer that has already healed so much, and traveled so far in their journey; something that you should be proud of.

Protea helps to give us the answer when no more questions can be asked; perhaps because there are no more answers and it is time to move forwards now confident that you are perfect, your body is strong, that you do fit in and play an important role in the bigger picture and that every doubt that you have is merely an awareness of what it means to be human. The acknowledgement and final acceptance of who you are because of every piece figured, every wound healed, and every experience endured. To simply become…

A pattern I often see in myself and others is that we feel we have something wrong with us. A pattern of coming through so much yet only seeing that we must do more. What if you were already there? And that this incessant feeling of being imperfect is you sabotaging yourself? What if you decided to see yourself as OK just where you are? And let up on that incessant story of there being something wrong, something more, something within you that isn’t enough?


What if you stopped fighting everything, stopped fighting yourself, stopped wasting energy fighting the world?


If you let go, and if a miracle happened over night and you woke healed HOW WOULD YOU KNOW? WHAT WOULD BE DIFFERENT? Think about it…..



Protea energy healing essence:

My first Protea flower remedy was made on January 18th, 2017; my birthday. The flowers were collected high in the Magaliesberg mountains and made by daylight sun, from sunrise to sunset.


Look at Protea’s stunning geometries

Who will benefit from Protea:

Protea is recommended for strong persons, who have done a significant amount of inner work already.

Protea is a remedy that works well for both men and women. She assists those that are stuck, overcoming the challenges of physical or emotional pain, trauma or on the last parts of their journey in inner work.

You will know if Protea is for you; she is a very precious remedy, gifted from the womb of Africa.

Protea takes you back to source, the beginning, before everything. Protea holds the energy of new life. But she also integrates into our being the voyage and experiences of our life-time. We connect with the lessons, we keep the scars but we no longer suffer the wounds.

When: I recommend taking Protea on a sunny day; and to get out and spend some time alone in contemplation and appreciation. Take time in silence and ask for Protea to guide you – then follow her nudge. No remedy can do all the work for us; but if you allow they will greatly assist us.

The journey with this remedy:

I saw this flower in my dreams and meditations over a year ago and it took me a whole year to find it. I had expected to find the flower soon after seeing it in dreams when in Sedona (March 2016) and returned disappointed only to serendipitously find the flower, in full bloom, while on a recent trip to South Africa visiting family (January 2017). What a gift!!

I was taken aback by not only the beauty but the size of the tree and flower.

While making this remedy I kept noticing ants, so I took note of this and sought guidance on their symbolism from sources on the internet. Ants are a symbol of the following message; which seemed appropriate:

All good things come with time, and effort. Work with diligence, with conviction and work with others in order to forge your dreams into reality. Despite their tiny size, these little spirits are immensely strong, great strength of will and accomplishment can come even in the smallest of packages. 

Remain aware that nothing can be accomplished without the unity of the whole. Think about how your contributions in your career, your family, and day-to-day life can fit into the larger picture.

I didn’t get a chance to write-up my documented notes until now (February). It has been a heavy few weeks and if you are feeling this way I wanted to ask you to think about the following:

If you are feeling a lot of emotions, or overwhelm, or heaviness or like everything is spinning so fast that you are close to panic or like your body is all out of kilter right now, please:


  1. Check in with your body and remind yourself that you are well and healthy. We are energy; tune back into the light energy in your core.
  2. Ask your body is this a ‘you thing’ or are you simply ‘feeling messages from the world’.
  3. If you are feeling the world remember that this is for a reason; that you are strong enough to handle everything that you feel because somehow, based on your gifts, intuition and skills unique to you, that you have a capacity to put something back into the world that can create change.
  4. You may not have all the answers right now; and they will come in time; or maybe not. Sometimes we just have to let go and trust. The mind needs answers, the heart just knows.
  5. Hang in there, find a place outside of you to focus on. See the beauty surrounding you in nature, feel the universe supporting you, and connect to something greater and trust

Where do the scars of your life heal those for others? How can your experience add value to the bigger picture? And where do the insights gained from your struggles allow you to give back and help others? Nothing is ever in vain but it takes seeing past your own self, letting go of feeling damaged, and igniting the fire within, in order to move forwards.


Interesting tidbits based on my research:

Protea is named after the Greek God Proteus, who would assume different shapes at will (to avoid capture) and caffra from Kaffrana, an old name for the part of the Eastern Cape. Protea caffra is also called the African Common Sugarbush. There are many species of Protea, often looking very different, which explains the name given after the Greek God Proteus (who assumed many different shapes). Protea, similarly in her energy, is capable of transforming to meet the energy of people from many different countries. Unlike most plants specific to the energy of a country and her population; Protea is adaptable.

Protea has several traditional uses in medicine; I did not find as many accounts of the traditional uses as I had expected, possibly because many uses may not have been documented for me to find easily. Traditional medicine remedies are often handed down by word of mouth.

The roots of Protea caffra are used to make a decoction called ‘umhlabelo‘ which is recommended to strengthen and repair bones, reduce muscle spasms or cramps and is used to speed up the healing process.

The bark has been used to treat bleeding stomach ulcers and diarrhoea, presumably due to the tannin content.

The nectar of the flowers is boiled to a syrup called Bossiestroop, which was used to treat chest disorders, as an ingredient in cough syrups, and as a sweetener option for diabetics . Here is some nice information written by African Aromatics about the nectar of the sugarbush.

If Protea calls please do honour her nudge

In loving memory of Sue

Thanks for the persistent nudges,