The thoughts running through our mind can be our worst enemy or our greatest ally. It is up to us to choose our focus and direct our thoughts and in order to do this, we must believe in ourselves.


Not only this, but we must trust in ourselves to the very depths of our core; for it is there deep within that we find our strength, our power and a drive so strong that nothing can get between us and our dreams.


For the thinkers, doers, creators, achievers and goal chasers in sport, life and business.

Balance and Belief is a remedy created for many of the amazing people that come through my clinic door: ordinary people chasing the extraordinary be it in matters of sport, business, creativity, or the heart.

Athletes, highly driven persons, entrepreneurs, out of the box game-changers, creative persons, people blazing new trails, the thinkers and dreamers with a passion to succeed and make things happen. The ones not only chasing the big goals but inventing them because they believe in something more.

People that deep down have a sense of their why, their purpose and their mission in whatever field that may be; probably in many areas!

People that others look up to and yet struggle to see their own gifts and self worth. People that try so hard that they often struggle to maintain the balance in life, or on the flip side, struggle to keep forwards momentum due to self-belief issues, procrastination, and overwhelm. Interestingly enough, sometimes there is a pattern of injury at a crucial time, or illness when things get too much. Coincidence? Or self-sabotage, overwhelm or burn-out due to lack of balance and boundaries.

Is this you? Are you excessively hard on yourself such that the inner critique often sabotages your progress? Are you driven yet find yourself struggling to maintain forward momentum? Do you try too hard and burn out? Is it all or nothing? Is your inner dialogue more negative than positive and ruining the freedom of your work, the joy in your sport and sapping your creativity?

This is why I created this remedy. To help you fall into a place of flow, progress, and kindness. It will help you better see the balance of doing and simple “be”ing; of activity and reflection, training and recovery, creativity and dreaming, pushing forwards or simply allowing things unfold.

This remedy will also help you fall more into a state of heart space; and to allow the mind become more peaceful and positive. Have you ever tried to train from your heart, or work in a flow, or create from inspiration?  In other words taking the thinking out of things now and again? This is what I am talking about… the trust that comes with a better balance and strong sense of self-belief.

There is little need to push and force what the heart, mind, body and soul are all working together towards the same thing….. trust and allow.


The details:

This remedy was made, oddly, on a dark dreary February evening that broke into sun as I set the remedy over-night. Normally I choose sunny days but this is what felt right; perhaps because we are healing something deep within. It combines Bay leaf, Clare Glens Beach and South African Protea. Earth crystals from Hawaii, South Africa and Ireland added further energy and strength.



Take this remedy when you feel nudged to work on your Balance and Belief. Take in the evening before bed, before naps or rest, or simply to move you forwards in your training, work and life.

Balance and belief is a good remedy to take during busy phases of your life, when working towards competition, projects or creative plans. Take it to help you release any emotional obstacles that you may have been placing in your way to allow you move forwards productively and confidently.

Much love,