No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. ~Proverb


And so the spring arrives; and we are called from the cocoon of winter hibernation into a slow and gentle release back into the flow of life.  Just like that, we suddenly notice life budding on the trees, and colour in the hedgerows, and are aware of the birdsong and the glimmer of sun where we knew dark; it feels like we are seeing Spring for first time as she announces her arrival and we can feel it right through our being. It is a familiar vibration, yet feels a little foreign after the heaviness of winter.

We are called to action after many heavy winter months. Our slumbering brains start to wake and our bodies heavy from sleep and the need for rest grow anxious. We sense new life, new opportunities, another chance; we don’t feel sure what the next steps are….

  • Spring essence helps you to move from the depths of your inner world back into the flow of life.
  • Spring essence assists forward momentum without overwhelm.
  • She gifts you the ability to trust in your dreams and take action.
  • She helps you to feel the next steps forward on your new path with confidence.
  • Spring essence helps you to translate your deep inner world of Winter into a light, bright heart led certainty
  • She gives you a spring in your step and a belief in your ability to move fowards confidently


Spring energy healing essence:

Spring essence is made from Snowdrop, Primrose, and budding Cherry blossom. Three very large amethysts were used to give energy to this remedy and it was made on the last day of February, the 28th.


Who will benefit from Spring Essence:

Anyone that is feeling heavy from winter and yet ready for more. Those who need a boost and feel low and unmotivated. Where these is a desire, Spring essence creates a belief.


The journey with this remedy:

A robin joined me the day I collected this remedy