Plant and Tree Essences feedback

Hi Folks,

We have been getting lovely feedback from clients about their experiences with the tree and plant energy essences (see here: . No one blend is the same as we pick and choose based on the day and the client, and my intuition; even for my own personal use I tend to vary the blends or single essences that I use. This flexibility to custom blend based on clients needs and intuition is such a lovely and also intriguing thing.

Currently I am using Sea Pinks, Yellow Kidney Vetch and budding Spring Chestnut 🙂

Copper coast 21
Sea pinks in Waterford; where i made my remedies

Here is a wee video blog recorded this week, as I excitedly share this feedback with you. I actually was trying to take a photo of my remedy and the label wouldn’t show so instead you get me talking post sweaty cold run!

Oh and this is a wonderful and comprehensive article about Nourishing the Energy Body; Jule Klotter the author also touches on how plant essences work to aid this re-balancing of the body. Well worth a read.



Update November 2016

Hello folks,

Well things have been very busy and exciting. We have several new remedies which I am very excited about, notably Season’s Change and also Wounded Heart.

Check them out!




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