Beech is the Mother tree, and although unrecognised in the Celtic Ogham a tree that I believe should be well-respected in our Irish ancestry.

Beech is one of the first remedies that I made, such was the strength of her calling. One only has to watch the beech tree in all seasons to know her strength. Stand under one, watch how her branches often divide into a twin or triplet tree. Her energy is so soothing to the weariest of hearts and minds.

Beech essence has a powerful healing; a nurturing, soothing supportive energy and is one of my favourite supportive essences when I make blends.

In time I will add to the description for beech.

I have made several beech remedies, from trees in the mountains, by the river and near our home; each has a unique healing ‘personality’. What calls you?

  • Meadowcroft beach (countryside)
  • Clare Glens beech (river)
  • Doonane beach (mountain)
  • Three beeches (a blend)

Here are some images of our beautiful local beech trees.