Wounded Heart – support for women


Wounded Heart, an essence for women

Wounded Heart is a tree and plant essence gifted to me by nature, to assist your journey into healing deep wounds, fears, and suppressed emotions; and to nurture and encourage you to shine confidently and create a life filled with love, compassion, purpose, and clarity.


Winter seeds and fresh shoots of the Linden tree (also known as Tilia / Lime tree), rose hips, and ivy leaf energised with local quartz stone, lapis lazuli, several rose quartz, throat chakra healing blue stones sodalite, celestite and two smaller lapis lazuli stones, and finally water purifying shungite from Russia.

When and where:

This remedy was made on the cusp of the Sagittarius new moon November 28th into 29th , 2016 . The plants for this remedy were taken from the area that surrounds the old church at Ballymackeogh, Newport, Co. Tipperary. This is a wonderful peaceful place that I urge you to visit should you live locally. Both times I visited I was greeted by a robin; a beautiful healing sign. The robin wears his heart on his chest and some say is a lost loved one paying a visit.

The journey with this remedy:

The linden/ lime tree was the tree that I was called to come back to, and so it was here that I spent some time. There were so few leaves on the tree that it made for difficulty identifying, I wonder did I indeed have the correct tree; but the energy of the tree left no questions. It was my mind that wanted the answers (typical of so many of us until we learn to trust ourselves). I found some fresh leaf growth springing up from the bare winter branches; but no seeds or old flowers today unlike the previous day when I collected the last standing flower and seed.

I noticed that the formation of the tree gave the appearance that it was close to a field of energy, the small boughs on the side facing me had diverted growth from horizontal to upright. Also, several of the same boughs had been severed and almost looked like open wounds and they too had chosen to grow on in this upright pattern.

The Linden tree was showing me that she helps with regrowth (in times of challenge) and is helpful for women going through a time of healing. This regrowth can mean physically, such as following a surgery (e.g. breast cancer or ovarian surgeries) or to the emotional regrowth following a trauma or time of ‘loss’.

I went on to collect some rose hips. Roses are the flower of the heart; they open us to love and healing, joy and the Divine. The rose hip contains the seed of the rose, and is a very rich source of nutrition. So the seed is protected and nurtured through the winter months ready for growth in Spring. Fascinatingly, the hips require one if not more winter frosts for germination to occur.

This is symbolic to us on many levels. The scars of our lives are in some way the stimulus for our growth. We heal FROM our scars….

The rose hip carries the energy of potential for new life and growth; new beginnings. She is also a highly nourishing food rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Winter is a time for us to go within; to let go, to heal, to nurture, and to prepare for the return of the sun and the high energy of summer. Do not be hard on yourself if you feel tired and lethargic in these winter months. There is a lot going on beneath the surface and it is important that you give yourself the rest, sleep, nourishment, time, and kindness to allow the process unfold.

Rumi says that “the wound is the place where the light enters you”; I would counter that the wound is the place where the light of your soul shines for others to be guided.


The new moon cycles of winter see us plunged into darkness at a time when the sun is at its weakest point in the Northern Hemisphere. We feel deprived of two important sources of energy (sun energy  and moon creativity) and it can very much unsettle us as fears and personal challenge arise. Trust in your strength to go within and use this sacred time to your benefit. It is in the dark that we see the light, in the dark that we learn that no fears are greater than our strength, and in the dark that we can see with senses other than our eyes.

Open yourself to the guidance of your intuition and to the compass of your heart. They will not let you down, and as you learn to trust in yourself that feeling of being lost and alone, unguided and unsure of your purpose will slowly and gradually be replaced by certainty, adaptability, and an ability to move with the subtle flow of life in what is, on the surface, a very fast paced society.

This can be a place of healing, clarity, and inspiration; a time for your thoughts to wonder.

Most of us women have been born remembering on a subconscious level, the fears of ages past. Women died if they believed, spoke out, asked questions or practiced the ancient healing arts. Women were literally burned at the stake. Some soul part of our being still lives with this fear. Society and especially religions of the recent past were neither encouraging of women nor allowing of their path.


A FEW centuries ago in Europe, the fear of witchcraft led to witch hunts and executions. These occurred largely in France, Germany, northern Italy, Switzerland, and the Low Countries – Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. “Tens of thousands of people in Europe and European colonies died,” and “millions of others suffered torture, arrest, interrogation, hate, guilt, or fear,” says the book Witch Hunts in the Western World.


As I tuned into the plants for this remedy I felt a strong fear in me. This fear, in my interpretation, is that heart, lung and voice crushing fear that women hold of giving themselves permission to follow the path they now feel called to; a fear of standing up now and owning their voice.

It felt like the fear of being a woman; a woman in her entire being soul, heart, mind, and body. The fear to be who a woman truly is. She has hidden from not only society but also from herself for fear of ridicule, persecution, and perhaps also, a fear deep within herself of who she may become (and the joke is you already are all that!). (We know of women not afraid to speak up for example Margaret Thatcher but these women aren’t operating from their true heart space but adapting to be like a man in a man’s world. its time now to be both strong AND gentle.)

I very strongly felt woman’s pain. It hit me right in the heart at one point and felt very deep and sad, and a powerlessness embraced my body. I tried to play around with the energy that I was feeling to explore it more and understand it.

It was a fear of healing the wounded heart.

However, if left unhealed, the wounded heart is then manifesting in the bodies wounds. In our pain we are removing something from ourselves, whether it is our intuition, our love, our skills, a part of our Divine being, or a physical part of ourselves.

This remedy is for healing that part of a woman, the part that feels lost, the part that has been taken away, or the part that has voluntarily been given up and surrendered. This remedy is to help women feel whole again, at one within themselves, and in peace to move forwards.


These are my own words written from a transcript recorded as contemplated the message in this remedy:

I have added my love to this remedy, when I picked the plants I actually placed them on my heart for several hours as I went about my chores. I was nudged to create this remedy on the cusp of a new moon; a time when even the light has been taken away from us.

I was feeling so much pain from women; a pain that is ready to be released now in other ways: in creativity, writing, music, in healing, in progress, and not in a destructive way against our selves and woman kind. We have been hurting ourselves and our sisters. This remedy is for all of womankind. {Noted to self: If needed combine with Ash. I did not blend this remedy with Ash for now because it is a winter remedy and winter is a time when we go within. Ash remedy is a Summer remedy.}

The pain; it’s not an easy healing and not everyone is ready for it – and it is profound. There is something always to be gained in a loss, be that a physical one or an emotional or spiritual loss.

This remedy won’t act like a band-aid or delete the memory of the loss, or magically numb the pain before the healing work is done, but it will give it significance and meaning to your pain so that you and all women can move forward bravely.

Embrace your ‘sisters’, your mothers, their mothers, and the generations of women that walked before you. You all carry the pain of the past and you all come here with a task to heal this pain from within and to give love with no fear. We, this generation of mothers and sisters, came here to heal this pain and create significance and meaning from the pain of the past, such that the women of our generation and especially the next (our daughters) can confidently and proudly move forwards in life on their paths. Be that in the harsher environments of the corporate world or the softer realm of healing.

If we can all heal our wounds and that of our sisters past and present we then pass on the gift of clarity, confidence, purpose, and passion to our future generations. So that we may all live from love and lead with purity of heart and shine brightly from a soul free from fear.

Our job is to heal our wounds and those of women past, out of love and compassion for our future.

The remedy is a remedy specific to women; especially those seeking to heal deep wounds emotionally and physically.

This remedy is to help with that part of us that we feel empty in, the part of us that sabotages ourselves. To heal the pain that we turn against ourselves, especially when we feel that we aren’t enough.


enough is enough, start believing in your worth

For many of us feeling this pain or ‘something not right that we have no name for’, we choose to hurt ourselves more instead of working on our self-belief; we put ourselves back in that box, we believe what men and corporations and the mainstream/ social media and the church and religion says against women. Or we hold the ancestral memory of this. Worse than this we feed it! We buy the magazines and watch the tv shows and lie down silent when inside we are seething…..

In essence we submit, and instead of expressing that fiery part of us we throw water on it; we drown ourselves. We hold ourselves back and we hide, often frustrated, and the only time that our voice comes out is when we are angry, or we are passionate, or when we are fighting to protect someone or some’thing’ that we love. The execution isn’t always as the desire and we then return to being quiet with some added guilt to boot.

It is time for us to use the energy of a fight to heal with peace. It is time now to look within and heal these wounds so that we heal this war inside with love rather than splatter it on those we love around us. We can no longer cast blame, play the victim, or hold anger; we must grow up and own it, all of it.

Women hold the key to healing and the keys to the future in the children of the future; women must heal for future generations. We must start to support one another completely, and honour one another’s different journeys and the different ways in which we heal and choose to share our gifts.

The world needs women to rise up once more, the world needs women to shine with their hearts, and to lead with love. And that is what this remedy is for, it is to put a rose in that hole in your heart and allow her to heal. It’s to put a vine that creates a life-line (like ivy) into your soul and being. This remedy is gifted to us by Mother Nature to help women once more feel complete and to get on with the task now.

I love you all,



Tanaaz on her Intuitive Astrology page describes so much more perfectly and eloquently than I, the shifts that are occurring during this New Moon that I hopefully have incorporated with intention into this remedy. I am a little in awe at how the universal energies work, in that we are both writing about very similar energies with no consciousness of one another. How was I was drawn to her site? this is how it works and my simple yet complicated brain will never fathom it. I have come to the conclusion that often it is best to just be in awe at the wonders of it all; and grateful.

Out of the ashes and into the light, this New Moon is going to be helping us to think bigger and open our hearts to a new wave of positive and abundant energy. 

The New Moon represents the starting of a new cycle. The last New Moon fell in the watery, intuitive sign of Scorpio. In this cycle we were all encouraged by the Universe to dig deep and uncover hidden emotions in order to release them.

We have spent enough time in the darkness and in the shadows and now it is time to re-emerge into the light and start expanding our views and opening our hearts. Click here to read more.

Don’t be hard on yourself about the rate of your progress. Some of us must spend more time exploring the dark to see the light; or more time in rest before we take action; or more time in healing before we find the fire within for making change. Be patient, be loving, be present….Andrea x


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