Joy, anti-fatigue, bringing lightness into your heart

Although we often think of snowdrop as the first flower of spring the Latin name for primrose translates as ‘First flower’. Primrose often appears before the end of the old year in sheltered places, but she generally flowers April to May. I first found primrose this year shining her happy face in my parents garden February 28th. I used this primrose to make Spring – Awaken from Winter slumber and prepare.

Primroses have always fascinated me. Our garden at home in Newport would fill with primrose and polyanthus in spring. Primrose are native to Ireland, and without knowing any better as a child, primrose to me carried an old authentic message from our earth. Although not much separates a primrose from a polyanthus primrose is more simple with her delicate pale sun-coloured petals.

In Celtic myths primrose features as a symbol of otherworldly beauty.

Primrose carries a simple message “the return of the sun”. She urges you to wake and to remember the draw in every cell of your being towards the sunlight. She encourages you to wake up, shake off the cobwebs restricting your energy flow, and tells you to get out and put yourself in the sunlight and although it is a weak sun in early spring, this will energise your being.

This message infiltrates other areas of your life, primrose infuses you with light energy to encourage you to start taking on projects, tasks, and challenges that ask you to take centre stage and shine.

Researching primrose

Primrose is a gentle remedy. I was called to make another batch of primrose, this time as a stand alone after a cycle up in the local hills where the April primroses called their healing as I passed by on my bike enjoying a glorious sunny morning.

Primrose, the details:

This remedy is made from wild primrose from the Tour road on the side of Keeper Hill between Tour and Rearcross.  The remedy was made by the full moon on the 9th and 10th of April 2017. Here are some photos of this magical location.

I also made Gorse remedy this same day collected from the same area.


Primrose is a gentle remedy. If she calls to you she may assist you on your journey with the following strengths. Primrose also combines well with other tree and plant essences and I can custom blend you a remedy based on your preferences.

  • waking up
  • flow of energy and vitality
  • life-force to start putting plans into action
  • motivation and belief to create tangible results from theory and dreams
  • Joy
  • Anti-fatigue
  • Often used as a secondary ingredient to other healing plant and tree essences.



by Patrick Kavanagh
Upon a bank I sat, a child made seer
Of one small primrose flowering in my mind.
Better than wealth it is, I said, to find
One small page of Truth’s manuscript made clear.
I looked at Christ transfigured without fear–
The light was very beautiful and kind,
And where the Holy Ghost in flame had signed
I read it through the lenses of a tear.
And then my sight grew dim, I could not see
The primrose that had lighted me to Heaven,
And there was but the shadow of a tree
Ghostly among the stars. The years that pass
Like tired soldiers nevermore have given
Moments to see wonders in the grass.

The First Primrose 
by Bessie Rayner Parkes

LITTLE yellow darling,
Delicate and pale,
Can thy gentle loveliness
Brook such a wintry gale,
That nestled by this rushing stream,
Thou sleepest like a lost sunbeam!

Little yellow darling,
At the breath of your perfume,
I sit within that quiet nook
Where many sisters bloom;
And all believing, (who does not!)
Pore on the lays of Walter Scott.

Such old romantic fancies
Your perfume brings to me,
Half of the proud baronial times,
And half of woodland free.
A blended vision strangely wrought
Of where I was and what I thought.

The thick green boughs above me wave,
The falling foam-drops leap,
And lazily unto the bank
The happy cattle creep.
Where thou, the first of Spring’s fair daughters,
Art wet with spray of dancing waters.

How many a joyous noontide walk,
And evening frolic wild,
Of which thou wert the treasure-trove
While I was yet a child,
Is with thy tender beauty blent,
And wafted on thy pale pure scent!

No clouded thought of darker hours
My dreaming spirit grieves;–
(Which for us all clings round some flowers
And lurks within their leaves,)
Or meets me, greeting thee again
To cause a gladness dashed with pain.

But days as innocent as thou,
As peacefully employed,
Which left no shadow on my brow,
I there with thee enjoyed;
And year by year thy smiles once more
Something of that bright dawn restore.

Sleep quietly, fair bud of hope,
To wake thee were a crime,
Unfold in all thy simple scope
For all the appointed time–
Some other eye than mine may bless
The teaching in thy loveliness.