Today, 7/02/2018 I am making a different remedy; it is a labour of love created to support those that often don’t feel at home here. It is to support the precious souls that are not always understand and are here to walk a path of change. We need these precious souls, and yet our society can make it so hard.

I don’t understand why our society has to create a box, and tries to fit everyone in that box so that it feels comfortable for society as a whole. Our world more than ever needs a new way; a different way of seeing things, a way of doing things that challenge the ordinary. We need change and progress, not same and effectively the ruining of our planet and the dumbing down of our people.


Our world needs the creatives and the visionaries, the geniuses, and the silent peace warriors. Our world does not need someone who can spit out what we know verbatim, but that can sing with their hands, and mould with their voice, build with their imaginations, create new from a divine knowing, can channel the collective wisdom of the future, and influence others with peaceful action.


This remedy is from my heart to all these precious souls. So that they may never feel a need to change, so that they will be proud in their differences, and that they will live here on our very special planet and see the beauty, and feel safe, and nurtured and protected.


This remedy will also give you the patience to go through the system of what we call school. To accept that this is a time of learning about the ways, before you fly with the new way. Don’t let this time change you; consider it ‘school’ in the greater meaning of the word.


This is my gift so that all precious souls feel the gratitude in my heart for all that you have come here to do and that strength never fails you in the face of many stuck in the box that just cannot see out of it. What others think and say will never matter in the context of all that you can do and be….


These words sum up this remedy. It is love and support, it is grounding and safety, it is tolerance and calm. It will help you be firmly rooted when the storms of people blow wild around you.

This remedy is made with children and adolescents in mind. Those whom our rules would say have focus, attention, disciplinary, learning and sensory issues. The problem is not these souls, but the closed minds of our society. It is we that must adapt, but for now this remedy will provide the support for those to come through the difficult times until it is safe to fly.

The details of this remedy:

This remedy is made using the energy of three crystals: amethyst, local quartz from Keeper Hill in county Tipperary, and genuine shungite from Russia. The shungite that I have is very good quality, sourced from Russia and has the silvery sheen that is attributed to stones of good purity. I have also used the energy of rain water.

It was a curious day. I woke early to get out for my run in Keeper Hill before the forecasted snow/rain fell. I had a mixture of spring light and light snowfall. My run was magical, energised, and in the company of my trusted Beagle, Trinity. I came home charged for the task of making this remedy. Sun, mountain, trees and quartz under my feet is what keeps my energy high for the work that I do. Here are some photos from today and also a previous run. (I don’t run with my phone, I only wish that I had captured the beauty of today’s snow kissed trees and morning light).

The days weather did indeed change into rain, which is appropriate because most of the souls for which this remedy is made thrive in rain and puddles and water. I also collected some rain water to add to the remedy.

Here is the remedy in the making.

And a video from me after a nap to set energy and intention into the crystals and essence.

How to take this remedy:

This remedy is preserved with cognac, so I suggest that for children 2 to 3 drops are put in a tumbler of water and taken for times of stress, to help sleep, and when you feel support is needed (emotionally or physically).

Please show your child the photos of this remedy and tell them the story of what is in here: sky, cosmos, rain, the land under their feet, crystals, and the energy of my heart (and perhaps some curious puppy energy too as she oversaw the process).

For adults you can take 1 to 3 drops / 2 sprays as needed straight onto the tongue when needed for support or before naps, sleep or meditation.

If you would like to use this remedy please email the clinic or contact me using this form.


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