Season’s Change – Autumn into Winter

Seasons Change – Autumn into Winter is a remedy for difficulty facing winter or transitioning from autumn into winter. It also supports us with feeling a lack of sun, stomach and eating issues, low moods, loss of creativity and ability to maintain focus, poor motivation, lack of action and forwards momentum, and basically “feeling lost, stuck, moody and irritable”.

I feel this ‘seasonal shift’ as wanting to do nothing but feeling bored and restless; and then wanting to raid the fridge but it is not for food that I am hungry, it is for self nurture and love! I notice many of my loved ones stuck in a cycle of beating themselves up over not being more productive and yet feeling drained and in need of some good rest and me-time. Its a battle of dual energies – the mind and body at war and the soul trying to scream nurture me!


Sitka Spruce a coniferous tree found locally in our woods, combined with falling autumn Beech leaves,  and the energies of multiple South African tigers eye, selenite, 3 small crystals from the stream below the trees in Doonane woods, rose quartz, sun stone, and a shungite stone from Russia for water purification and love; a lot of my love and healing energy!

When and where:

This remedy was made the night of November 14th 2016, a rare and full super-moon.  I ventured into Doonane Woods at the base of Keeper Hill, also called the Guardian Mountain or Ciamalta as Gaeilge, in Co. Tipperary. (click the link for an interesting read about this moon).

The journey with this remedy:

During the season’s change we have a tendency to get stuck and move too far into all brain. Criticism, negativity, judgement and fear based thinking can take over if we do not catch ourselves; against ourselves as well as fired at others (do you for example shout at the radio or let world events and social media trigger you off on a judgement campaign?). Petty issues can grow into arguments and we find ourselves watching ourselves act out in ways we don’t even recognise when normally we are calm, patient, and understanding.

It’s not really who we are; but we feel unsettled and acting out before we even allow ourselves to ‘feel’ what it is that is triggering us.

In essence, we are missing the sun, our powerhouse for love, creativity, action, inspiration, joy, well-being and energy. We feel this even more as the moon wanes into a new moon and we are plunged into more darkness (See Wounded Heart for more information about this).

The darkness of our winter is an opportunity for inner exploration and discovery. Hibernation is not about doing nothing, sitting on a sofa and eating. It is about going within, exploring the depths of our being, reflecting, growing within, grounding ourselves and connecting with our souls (we feel this through our spine and the disconnect is felt as being all in the head and yet heavy and lethargic in our feet), resting and nurturing. It’s time to slow down and be at one with ourselves – not idle but in contemplation and reflection, in creativity, and in appreciation.

start writing a journal
writing a journal is a great way to assimilate how you are feeling

Now is the time to live more simply; to read or study, write or journal, create, bake, draw or learn more skills, to sleep more and hence spend more time in the dream world where a lot of processing and healing has opportunity to occur unimpeded.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

And when the sun appears, get out and soak up her rays and the yellow light, and the red and brown colours of autumn as she transitions into winter and take the time to appreciate the simple but truly meaningful things in life.

Seasons Change – Autumn into Winter helps this transition time. If you are drawn to this remedy and it is November or December I still recommend that you use it to assist your balance as often the mind and body may not have yet slowed down into the more subtle energies of winter and this will give you a nice boost.

What I wrote as I sat still between the trees.

Full moon November 14th sitting in Doonane woods where the deciduous trees meet the coniferous trees by the small stone wall and ruin.

It is quiet and an almost eerie and dark feeling abounds. I notice the silence and it could feel uncomfortable here only I am prepared to sit with it and allow the dark silence to speak; it’s my soul home so the only anxiety that I have is that from the world which I have carried here with me.

I work a little to let it go and calm my mind and slow my being into the energy of the plant and spirit world. I’ve come here to create seasons change a remedy to assist people to enter the dark of winter.

The trees say they bow to my bravery of sitting here as the light meets the dark recess of woodland; perhaps not everyone can sit somewhere so still; i believe they can – it just takes being a little uncomfortable first.

A blue tit has come close by me, tweeting. There are no other birds here which is unusual. I feel challenged to connect. As if I have avoided my calling to these remedies and the woods these past days.

The bird calls with a message telling of the greatest Hope in looking within yourself in the darkness. Of sitting with your discomfort and fears of slowing down into all of your feelings.” {apologies for the unusual syntax but this is how it came to me and I don’t know how to write this any better way).

Winter is about hibernating into the deepest part of yourself; into your most raw feelings and senses. To go deep into your guts – healing the depths – the parts that make us sick with fear and nauseous with anxiety. The parts of us that we try to hide and may not like; that part of us that without we feel incomplete yet run from. It is the aggressive in the passive person, the judgemental voice in the always agreeable words, the anger behind the forgiveness, the frustration behind the smile and the will to give up in the always happy greeting. It is the side of us that scares us because it feels like a thread too deep to start pulling on……..


Beauty lies here – it is our perception of darkness that creates these feelings of fear; and then we avoid going into these places because we are afraid of what we may find – a part of us fears that we will find all our flaws and then be all the more aware of our failures. Our unwillingness to connect all our pieces together leaves us feeling a little empty and in the winter time we are more aware because she forces us to slow down.

BUT, we are not damaged deep within – rather this is where we shine from. Winter calls on us to unveil our true selves by delving beneath our perceived shadow – our beliefs of our flaws and weakness, and failures –  this is where we find our truth, light and way. Not being perfect but being flawed. You do not lead through perfect but through the actions that rise from your struggle.

Diamonds lie buried deep; and their being hidden in the dark makes them no less perfect or have the potential to shine any less. The diamond is still a diamond no matter what lies around it hiding it from the light.

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
C.G. Jung

Doonane Woods, Co. Tipperary

Slow down this winter; reflect, contemplate and heal with love. Take Seasons Change to assist this. Be still and peaceful in the winter months. Have patience. Embrace this opportunity for growth rather than wish it away into summer months.

We must see what is good in our world, to have peace in our hearts, focus in our mind and purpose in our path. Seeing only the negative is not working; we get paralyzed and stuck in nit-picking, arguing and conflict between ourselves. We are always going to differ about what’s wrong, our ‘my way’ and ‘your way’. Yet many of us won’t argue about what is beautiful and truly matters; love, connection, family, and when you open your eyes unfiltered, our planet. In times of challenge move your focus back to love and remember that sometimes we have to compromise; diversity of opinion, actions and solutions is important. In that middle ground there is truth, expansion, and progress. AND when we are confident in ourselves we feel no need to defend a belief or hold on to it when it is time to expand it.

When we see all that is beautiful in our world, there we will find peace in our hearts and a reason for our actions. When we are no longer afraid to look deep into ourselves and love ourselves with compassion; THEN we can begin to truly hold compassion for all in our world acting out of fear and reacting to fear.

“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”
C.G. Jung

With Love,

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I recorded these words last week to provide a little encouragement and support. xx