Heart-led emotional healing, deep inner peace, and reconnection with nature.


Fraxinus Excelsior

I made my first Ash remedy on the 2nd July 2015. I chose an Ash tree that holds a lot of beautiful memories for me as she rests beside a small stream near Kiloscully where my Gran and Papa used to take me for picnics as a child. There is also a wonderful lane that I run along near Castleconnell that is lined with magnificent Ash trees which all going well I will use to make remedy next Spring 2016.

The message from Ash:

Ash is known as The Goddess Tree; The Tree of the World (because of her deep roots in the earth and branches that reach up towards the heavens representing the connection between the three worlds of the underworld, middle earth, and the spiritual realm. This is also taken to represent the integration of past, present, and future); The Spine or Backbone of the Universe; the central Column of the Tree of Life; and Venus of the Woods.

The Druids believed that Ash is a sign of Peace and is associated with healing, empowerment, and transformation such that peace may be found through the resolution of conflict.

“You may face adversity but have the strength and wisdom to overcome any situation provided you draw on all your resources. They key-like fruit of the ash signifies the unlocking of doors to new knowledge that are hidden within you, so when the going gets tough, look inside for the answers and solutions you seek. Stand firm in your beliefs and stay in the eye of the storm rather than being drawn in to the conflicts of others” Ogham – The Celtic Oracle Divination cards by Peter Prancownik and Andy Baggott

Ash is the all-embracing World Mother (and Oak is the Father Tree) and when I tuned into Ash I felt that this tree speaks the language of the everlasting universal Divine Feminine energy.

Notes from 2-7-2015

I found a beautiful ash tree by the small river Gran and Papa used to take me to for picnics. It is hard to hear what Ash is saying. The location was so peaceful. There was the gentle noise of the stream water meandering on its journey; cows in the distance (and a massive bull that I didn’t see until later; I never would have braved the field if I had seen him!), and some bees. In fact if this is a sign of the healing power of this tree then its message is silence, stillness, peace, calm, and the place within where one finds inner strength and knowledge.

I sat under the tree and had such an immense feeling of being motionless, still, and completely absorbed into nature. I became a part of my surroundings and very mindful of everything around me; there were no word. Everything felt through me and I received a complete mental time out. For the first time in a long time my thoughts ceased.

I didn’t receive many insights about the Ash tree as I normally do. My mind was empty with peace and quiet whereas it is more usual for me to leave with a long list of channelled notes and a great knowing of a plant or tree. I had a suspicion that the words would come to me in my research later, and they did as I uncovered more about Ash and her energetic healing properties that evening and later in my second channelling.

As I write these following notes taken from my research, I asked why did I get so few words when I sat by Ash when I normally get so many. Why when I had expected words did I only feel my Gran there holding me safe in all embracing peace and calmness? Where the only sounds were that of nature, busy getting on with the day.

And my answers now are that this stillness was for me; that spirit later provided me with the answers and when I returned months later to take my second channelling from Ash then the words flowed.

“Lead me to my heart, the place of magic.”


If the following resonate with you then Ash is for you:

Ash is a wonderful remedy for women; women of all ages from puberty through to post-menopause benefit from the loving feminine energy of the Ash.

I channelled the following notes in italics on 16th November 2015. As my notes are usually rather abstract I have summarised them for your ease; but I still feel like I have made a hames of it. It seems the feeling of a remedy doesn’t translate that well! After these notes I have added a few more comments as well as the original voice recording.

Ash meditation 16-11-2015

I meditated by the Ash tree from which I made the original energy essence on 2nd July 2015.

There were Goldfinches (European Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) all around me, I feel that this beautiful bird was bringing a message of coming back to life through releasing of the old and embracing of the new.


I also strongly felt the spirit energy of wild horses running free. This is deeply meaningful to me as I used to ride my own horse Freyja close by this location in Doonane Woods. The spirit of the horse brings a message of energy, freedom, passion and that wild wild energy that surges through the blood of the untamed woman. This energy is powerful; yet suppressed and tamed in so many of us. I think that often we fear this strong energy of passion, purpose, and independence as for many of us to release it requires change and with this comes too much of the unknown (and what would others think). Yet without this untamed force in our blood our soul feels restless. (This is a nice book for you her if you like to read more about how to run free Women Who Run With The Wolves: Contacting the Power of the Wild Woman by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

And so as I shut my eyes to channel the Ash remedy there was a huge amount of interference on the completely muted car radio; often a sign of energy but who really knows!

Key words:

Ash is a very beautiful remedy. This is the overall energy that I was left with as Ash took me on a journey to see the following:

Heart-led emotional healing, deep inner peace, and reconnection with nature.

I felt this remedy strongly in my heart; and I understood that Ash will provide healing to the traumas that women have suffered through time. Ash aids the release of ancestral suffering through the female blood line. As women we are strongly connected not only to our Mothers, Grandmothers and all our female ancestors but we are connected as a collective to the women of all time. We each hold a memory within of all that has been. You may sense this as a fear of being all that you are, and not really understand why. Ash helps you to connect to your Divine Feminine energy and to shed the fear of times past; a time when women were oppressed and had to hide their gifts and talents, voice and opinions for fear of their life. The world needs women to now shine with all that they are.

Ash is a very peaceful and gentle remedy. She assists women in becoming all that they are; in a gentle and heart-centered way. Ash provides gentle encouragement for you to start expressing your voice such that words need no longer be held back in frustration.

“It is safe now for you to speak your Truth,
It is safe now to walk your True Path,
Now is the time for women to once more have their voice and hold their heads high,
While honouring, respecting and supporting one another.
It is time now to reconnect with your ancestors and soul sisters”

When Ash reminds you of your strength and holds your hand as you heal your emotions you will, in time, realise the gifts of what you have learnt through your experiences. This is how you will provide empathy, compassion, and healing towards others simply in being all that you are.

Ash brings forth the ability to extend the gifts unique to each woman out towards the universe with no expectation; it is a flow: A flow of Divine and Pure feminine love. A love that carries a powerful and quiet energy that will help heal our planet, support our men, and nurture the children of our future to all feel safe to walk the path they chose before coming here.

Chakra opening.

I felt Ash working to connect my chakras, notably the second chakra and my solar plexus with my crown chakra. I also felt a flickering across my third eye; indicating that Ash will assist with healing of the pineal gland and your ability to see purely.

I felt a strong line of energy right through my body from beneath the soles of my feet and extending right through my crown; a bit like how the Ash is described as having strong roots and connection to the heavenly skies. This was a strong energy that in a sense helped me to change my posture into one of strength and self-belief.

I also felt a sense of connection to something far more expansive. It was as if my energy was able to reach out and connect to all women on a similar vibration throughout our world and further across the dimensions of time and space. This sense of feeling connected and a belonging to a soul family of women gave a wonderful sense of strength; we are not alone.

Ash will also assist those with a closed throat chakra to once more find their voice and no longer fear expressing their truth.

Ash being a powerful Feminine balancing remedy will also provide gentle support for healing of the second chakra and fertility and female associated health conditions that stem from the emotions. Be gentle in your healing expectations as these wounds often run deep. Your body will always release when it is ready. All that you need to is to trust in the process and honour the Path to wellbeing. I suggest that if are having problems with reproductive issues and symptoms that you spend time directing love and healing towards yourself. Simply lie in a quiet safe space, place one hand on your heart and one on your abdomen. And start a conversation with your body. Listen lovingly and heal as you would speaking to a child. Ash energy remedy combined with Rose and also Carnelian gemstones will all provide nurturing healing support for this exercise.

Ash carries the ancient wisdom of women carried through time.

Ash connects us to the energy of the Divine feminine. An energy that has been carried through all of time and symbolised by extraordinary women in history such as Florence Nightingale, Mother Theresa and our Mother Mary. I felt all these women as I tapped into the energy of Ash. Ash brings forth this same knowing energy within you. I also felt the energy of a powerful Egyptian woman that was a Ruler. I couldn’t feel her name but in my research later I feel it was QUEEN NITOCRIS. http://www.gizapyramids.org/pdf_library/newberry_jea_29_1943.pdf.

When taking the remedy I felt such a strong sense of unity between my presence here and all the women in time. Florence Nightingale, Mother Theresa, Mother Mary, There were more women coming to me but they were flickering in my mind’s eye and I doubted myself; I felt the nurses, the carers, the mothers, the quiet wives supporting the powerful men.

Honest women.

I felt that Ash can connect us with our grandmothers, great grandmothers, and all the women down through time. Ash can be a powerful remedy when we are ready to allow ourselves to feel the presence of our ancestors (something that took me time to get used to and comes with less trying and quite simply more allowing).

Nurturing and mothering.

When I took Ash energy essence I felt a connection with the planets and goddesses of time. I felt as if I had tentacles of energy moving from my crown chakra and reaching towards all women around the world that were on the same vibrational plane as myself. A strong sense of unity, support, connection, and common purpose.

I saw mother Mary, she was crying. Her tears fell in the knowledge that women lost themselves in the last generations. She was sad for what women had lost; the loss of feminine power, that part of women that the women who walked with Jesus claimed and fought for.

There is a very strong energy of Mother Mary through this Ash remedy. The energy holds a nudge to remind us of our inner strength and courage.

The woman Ash calls to is a woman of gentle power and honesty. A woman who commands from her heart and does not misuse her sexuality, or rely excessively on her feminine beauty. This is a silent, quiet, strong feminine presence that is natural and not forced. No compensation. It is an allowing of the essence of a woman. There is no need to become more masculine, no need to exploit sexuality for attention from men. In fact this strength doesn’t require a man.

Ash gives you a gentle nudge to reignite the Divine Feminine energy within.

Ash encourages women to honour their individual feminine cycles across the month.

Ash helps you to remember how to honour your unique patterns across the month. The strong interconnection of your energy, sleep, dreams, emotions, intuitive powers, sensitivity and psychic awareness, with not only your menstrual cycle but also the lunar cycle which has a powerful impact on our whole being.

In general we see a dip in energy as the moon disappears into the New moon darkness; and we may need a lot more sleep. The full moon on the other hand sees a rise in energy, sensitivity, dream-state, and also for some of us bothersome insomnia. Ash helps us to connect to these cycles and to acknowledge just how natural they are to us and to honour how we feel.

There will be times when a woman seeks the company of others and to nurture and give and there will be unique points in the cycle when a woman will seek solace, peace, quiet, and to give back to herself. Ash reminds you to honour these cyclical patterns and to respect the mind, body, and soul as it is the very essence of what it means to be a woman. Listening to the bodies cries for rest permit a balance of giving and receiving.

Ash is helpful for girls going through puberty to gently step into the feminine power. A realisation of the subtleness of their beauty. There will be a calm peaceful acceptance of the transformation of their body’s into that of a woman. Ash will help young women to feel confident in all that is to be a woman; comfortable in their curves, breasts, and shape.

Ash will instil a deep respect for the cycles of fertility within a woman.

Ash is also nurturing for women entering menopause, helping connect with a sense of “nothing being lost”.

Ash aid emotional healing of the Feminine within us.

Ash is helpful for toxicity; toxic thoughts, and toxic thoughts directed against self.

Ash brings an ability to see with clarity all that you are, and remove the old stories which women used to suppress themselves and remain oppressed. Ash aids the letting go of the perception of what a women is supposed to be replacing this with a knowing of WHO I AM.

Ash is helpful to calm a racing mind and to keep a woman focused.

Ash opens up a connection between all the chakras allowing a flow of energy (I felt this very powerfully through my body beneath my toes and rising up through my crown).

Combing Ash with thistle may be helpful for anger about the truth i.e. “what have I done to myself”; “why did I believe the stories about my place?”

Ash is a very beautiful healing remedy.

Ash is believed to connect us across the time realms of past, present and future and I believe that Ash also connects us across the dimensions of time into the spirit world of our ancestors and she also connects us across distance to the energy of our fellow Feminine Soul Family.

to be continued 🙂