Athlete – injury strength and a repair is a new blend created by me for my own healing of a bad ankle sprain.

This remedy will help the body heal and reground you while supporting and encouraging the natural healing process.

Athlete – injury strength and repair will also allow any emotional release that may occur in conjunction with the healing process and will help you work with yourself with patience, acceptance and self-nourishment.

The blend consists of oak, scots pine, and rose (summer’s first rose); I found this to be incredibly helpful during the initial stages of an injury. If you would rather have a custom blend made then please fill out the form and we can work on something together.

Please also read about Pain relief; I am currently writing this and will have it linked shortly.


If you have an ankle, joint, back, spine, neck or injury along this central plane in your body that is related to bone, tendon, or ligament then this little remedy will assist your healing journey.

I wish you all speedy healing.

Love, Andrea