The blocked and misunderstood empath remedy. Dandelion is a remedy filled with solar light to soothe, heal and reawaken a tired, hurt soul. Dandelion essence connects you back to your light and energy.

Roadside dandelions in April



I made dandelion remedy on a stunning sunny Sunday in April 2021. 2021 being the year that everything is STILL different and perhaps one that we want to forget (yet we won’t).

We are in lockdown #3 here in Ireland. For many, this lockdown and pandemic may feel never ending, but nature persists and the lessons that our hearts and souls grow through in this global pandemic will shape and form our world forever moving forwards.

You have a role to play in this; and I know that you know this.

Dandelion is a weed, much hated by gardeners and secretly much loved by anyone and everyone that rambles, walks, cycles or runs outdoors. As Spring opens her heart to us all once more, the dandelions shine their yellow glory in every crack of ground that they can find, be it a pavement or a field, the lawn or the roadside. Spring yells her presence with painted yellow everywhere. If we are honest, are they not as delightful and joyous as the much heralded daffodils and snowdrops?

Dandelion are the resilient ones.

Dandelions holding firm in the dry ground beside the Burnt Mills bridge, Newport, Co. Tipperary. April 26th 2021

The message from Dandelion.

Dandelion spoke to me as I was sitting peacefully in a meditation. I was sitting in the full light and heat of the unusually hot April sun. I was struggling to let my nervous system settle and my guard down. The past year has been a hefty one for my nervous system. All highly sensitive persons and empaths will be feeling the effects after a year of Covid-19. It isn’t just my nerves that are hopping.

Fight, fright, flight and freeze/ appease responses are pretty much as burnt out as they can get and what remains for most is an exhausting level of “guardedness”. A sort of ON all the time, but in equal parts FRAZZLED. A desire to let it all go, tethered to a constant feeling of being wired into everything, everyone and every motion. I see it a bit like having octopus tentacles connected out to everything; and it is often a huge waste of my energy and resources (as much as it can be a source of information and a gift to my work).

An empaths nervous system extends far beyond their physical skin; I see it like tentacles connected to the out there and everything!

The body is connected to every vibration in the seen and unseen and highly sensitive persons and empaths are feeling the effects of a year of sensing people, our loved ones, the media, and a world in conflict, fear and change.

This remedy is for the empath and highly sensitive person who feels full up, blocked, and stuck.

A remedy to sooth the solar plexus and fill you up with light.

Dandelion essence

When a highly sensitive person or empath is hyper-stimulated the solar plexus often feels out of whack. This is that area at your abdomen that feels like it goes into a knot when you are anxious (sometimes it just knots up anyhow making you feel totally out of control of what you may be sensing). The solar plexus is where we sense the world from.

You may notice stomach symptoms, inflammation, indigestion, reflux and even gallbladder, liver and perhaps also kidney issues as assimilation, absorption and detoxification systems get overwhelmed. {Remember that we detox emotions as well as food and beverages}.

The state of fight, fright, freeze may also lead to emotional eating and drinking which further impacts energy and the function of the digestive and detoxification symptoms. However, what you will mostly “feel” is wired ON, with an inability to relax. You may not feel stressed, and yet have all the symptoms of stress in the stomach such as acid indigestion, food stuck like a rock in the pit of your stomach, very hungry or not hungry at all, inflammation, pain, and perhaps even gastritis symptoms, ulcers, helicobacter pylori infection, and stomach infections.

Energy can feel either all HIGH or all LOW. If high this means that you will be all go at a million miles an hour, reactive and finding it difficult to sleep or relax. If low, you will be stuck in a fog or feeling of quicksand and questioning where your passion and fire has gone. Both are signs of a nervous system out of whack.

If you are like me, you may be feeling all ON but completely lethargic and this is especially noticeable if you try to sit still or meditate. In fact, I will hazard a guess that you don’t let yourself sit still and if you were to sit still now you may find it uncomfortable and find an excuse to get moving. Try it! Hit the timer for 30 minutes meditation and see where this takes you.

Are you feeling locked out of yourself, distant from your full empath skills, or just too tired mentally and emotionally to care? Do you feel like you have been giving to the world, and have nothing left? Are you finding it hard to fathom why you are even feeling so tired because it all just isn’t adding up?

Many empaths do a huge amount of work in the invisible and the past years have been a lot to handle.

How might Dandelion essence help?

Dandelion essence is filled with the light and energy of the sun, solar energy. This essence is both salve and healer for the solar plexus, and emotional and spiritual body of the highly sensitive person.

Dandelion can help:

  • balance energy related to emotional blocks.
  • soothe a nervous system in fright, flight or freeze.
  • support liver, gallbladder and even kidney systems (you may want to add dandelion leaf and root tea or fresh herb to your daily regime to support the essences work for these organ systems).
  • unblock the places where we hold fear, hurts, suppressed emotions, bitterness, and resentments. These may be unconscious so please don’t judge yourself. Our world is healing from many wounds and trauma and we all sense this. The highly sensitive person and empath may internalise this to a high degree creating dis-ease in the body. We feel full up and unsafe. If what we sense gets trapped and suppressed in the body it will create imbalances in our physical energy. This can lead to sudden unexpected outburts of emotions, or illness and physical symptoms.
  • restore movement in the body in terms of our energy and organ function (more energy = better digestion, improved elimination, better flow of circulation and lymphatics. Everything moves better when we are not in fight, flight or frozen mode).
  • improve resilience.
  • to reconnect us to the light – this is the sunshine remedy. Do you ever feel a little closer to God/ Source/ The Divine on a sunny day? Dandelion helps us to reconnect to this. She brings us from the dark into the light so to speak.
  • re-infuse you with strong roots and a sense of self-belief. Although the solar plexus is not the same as the root chakra; if we are all bound up in our guts and tight in our mid-back, we simply cannot connect to feeling the earth supporting us beneath our feet.

For me, I see dandelion as the remedy that I will go to, to take me from feeling like a gut wrangled tight backed armadillo to a heart led strong and confident person; regardless of what is around me. I know that it will also take practice to get myself fully rooted and safe in myself and work to hold this frequency.

Essences cannot be expected to do all the work; they are our spiritual and emotional helpers to support the process of our practice.
Although it is hard to see, this field is FILLED with sunny bright yellow bobbing dandelions.

Dandelion might just help you feel like the loved and special person that you are.

Use dandelion remedy to help spring you forwards and come through hardship, trauma and feeling blocked.

Empaths and highly sensitive persons generally have lived a life of feeling misunderstood and different. Sort of like you are watching the world through a mirror and feeling every bit of what is going on around you, through you.

Empaths are incredibly strong people and living in a world that just doesn’t make sense can for those that haven’t grown up in supported homes and systems come at a cost. However, it is important that we overcome these wounds if we are to complete our life purpose. Dandelion helps us to become here and now. It is in the here and now that we can create change, and lead, and do….it may be the scariest thing ever to come out of hiding and step into your authentic self. Being safe is for many of us a place of stuck. Safe is stagnant. So shall we leap and choose to live and fulfil our life mission?

Take inspiration from the dandelion. She is filled with high energy solar light. She is misunderstood and labelled a weed and yet she is an incredibly important flower for the bees and hence our ecosystem. She has the strength and resilience to grow anywhere and everywhere and her word (seed) spreads far and wide!

Dandelion teaches us that we can reach many people and transform them by just being ourselves. Just look at how far these little clocks go!

Dandelion seeds create a bizarre whirlpool in the air to fly

If dandelion calls to you and you would like to use this remedy, please do reach out:



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