The profound connection between our land, our people, and her healing plants

It has been an amazing journey thus far, to listen to the messages of healing from our indigenous plants. Mother Nature is so clever in how she provides us with what healing we need in our environment to sustain us. Healing that comes in many forms from food; to herbal medicines,  potions, lotions, poultices, teas and fermented foods; to energy and vibrational healing remedies such as I make; and when needed in the right circumstances to create powerful and specific medicine and drugs.

My journey started with medicines but as time passed and experience and intuition grew, I came to see the immense healing power in the energy of our plants. Plants whose roots are connected into our land and history, and whose energy connects deep into the core of our emotional and spiritual being. The plants, flowers, and trees of our land unlock our potential to be free of emotional wounds and traumas and provide us with a strength, courage, and awakening. What a gift! A gift afforded to all in our countries and not an expensive medicine or supplement.

I have come to see that the plants of our country and lands are quite specific to her people and their emotional and spiritual needs. So as a rough guide the trees and plants of Ireland are specific to the Irish. With travel I have learned of many new plants and their unique energies; a few at a time on each trip.  But not many translated to be brought home. Most of my journey with plants in other countries has been an enlightening education about the people and the history of the land and their own unique and individual patterns of emotional and health issues. The plants allowed me to make remedies but I was to leave them there for the people whom I visited. It didn’t feel right or appropriate for me to take them with me, much as I may have wanted to!


A few plants did however gift me with their wisdom and healing to bring home for myself, my clients and the people here in Ireland. This is great, if not a tad heavy in my luggage!

I chat about this more here:

Here are some photos of the plants that I have thus far journeyed with on my travels. Some of which have been added the my ever-expanding repertoire of Irish trees and plants. I am doing my best to translate my work thus far onto this webpage from my documented notes in my journals; but  still have a way to go. Bear with me!

Sedona, Azizona:

Although many plants called to me while in Sedona; only Juniper and Indian Paintbrush gifted me a healing remedy to bring home.

Thirsty Falls, Magaliesberg, South Africa


Zinnia Peruviana and Protea caffra were the main plants to catch my eye; but a few others taught me of their healing medicine locally such as Wild Cabbage (Kiepersol, Cussonia paniculata), a wild sort of mint that we struggled to identify, and Bushveld ironwood (Olea capensis subsp. enervis).

Keep your eyes wide open to the healing on your doorstep and the history under your feet!

Much love,




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