This little remedy is one that aims to ooze into your heart and take your troubles away. To help you to see; to really see all that you have in your life and with this feel peace and gratitude. A whole heart bursting realization that our lives hold so many gifts in the simple and ordinary.

It is so easy in this busy world to see what we don’t have, to focus on what we lack, where we want to be, what we want to achieve and to focus only on all the negatives that tend to hit us in the day, from news, media, gossip and so on. We live in a constant state of comparison and judgement.

What if you took a breath and appreciated with a full heart all that you have? Now take this one step farther and consider our privileged lives, the opportunities we have that others may never get, the food on the table, the water in the taps, the bounty of nature and every thing that we are surrounded by. Think about your family, friends and loved ones; yes they aren’t perfect; why would you expect them to be. None of us are. But I am sure that most, are doing their best too!

We are surrounded by things that we take for granted almost every day; step back, breath and allow this little remedy to remind you of the abundance that surrounds us.

THAT is what this remedy seeks to bestow in your heart and conscious and to permeate your day with a sense of gratitude and fortune.

The details of this remedy:

Where: Doonane woods, Keeper Hill, Tipperary.

What: Common knapweed, marsh thistle, haw leaves, young elder berries, honeysuckle.

Common knapweed, taken from beside the Doonane River


Marsh thistle (can you see the fly?)

Young elder berries (the elderberries are farthest in the photo and the three plants the honeysuckle, hawthorn and elder are pretty much wrapped into one another)

Hawthorn sprig

Blossoming (highly scented) honeysuckle (not my photo – it is incredibly tricky to take a good photo of honeysuckle. She is camera-shy it would seem and yet never afraid to give us a blast of her awesome scent to bring us right back to childhood).

When:  9th July 2018

Significance of our current energies:

We are currently in the midst of the hottest spell of weather that Ireland has seen in over 40 years; it is sort of throwing people a little (I wrote about it here). We are not used to no rain; and there seems to be a deep call now to respect mother nature, guard our resources and appreciate all that we have. To place even more value on what is necessary as opposed to what is wanted, and to be truly grateful for the gifts we have in life. We must see how fortunate we are and protect what we have; rather than getting sucked into this crazy consumer world and only seeing what we don’t have.

See what we have, protect it, nurture it. In all aspects of our lives, from our families, to our health and bodies, jobs and careers, friends and acquaintances. Grow and support what we have, our earth’s bounty, the local business, the community in a sustainable and ethical way. Start to see what is in your circle, and stop looking for more. Appreciate, truly step back in awe and appreciate all that we are surrounded by. Every day, the universe brings us gifts; do you notice and say thanks?