Komorebi and Psithurism

My mind was opened today by the eloquent writings of Adam Winson.

I was out walking today for the first time in a long time (sprained ankle, long story); spring is here, announcing itself everywhere in new growth. Somehow in my quest to research further a new remedy I am making for the release of pain I stumbled upon these lovely blogs.

Boil the kettle, make a coffee and infuse your heart with these wonderful words describing two moments in nature that we are very familiar with. The following are excerpts from Adam’s writing; please click the links to read more:


There is a Japanese term “Komorebi”, for which no simple English translation exists. Yet it is a distinct phenomenon, that anyone who spends time among trees will have enjoyed. Komorebi roughly translates as “the scattered light that filters through when sunlight shines through trees”. It is made up of three “Kanji” or Chinese characters: “tree” or “trees”, “leaking-through” or “escape”, and “light” or “sun”.

Komorebi is especially noticeable when the sun is low, and mist or smoke can add to the effect. The impact of Komorebi to the observer can range from creating a pleasant ambiance for a walk through the woods, to generating feelings of awe – which in the right place at the right time – verges on the transcendental. Read more:

“Any patch of sunlight in a wood will show you something about the sun which you could never get from reading books on astronomy. These pure and spontaneous pleasures are patches of Godlight in the woods of our experience.” C.S. Lewis
Doonane Woods, Newport, Tipperary

And so to


Psithurism: the sound of the wind whispering through the trees.

We can’t see wind, only the things it moves. Likewise, we can’t hear wind unless it’s flowing past something that makes it vibrate; this causes it to adopt various sonic guises depending on what it interacts with. Trees provide some of the most common and admired ways for wind to make itself heard. This sound has been termed psithurism (sith-err-iz-um).

The naturalist author and founding member of the RSPB, W.H. Hudson, suggests in Birds and Man (1901), that psithurism is salubrious. He describes the sound of wind in the trees as “very restorative” – a mysterious voice which the forest speaks to us,and that to lie or sit thus for an hour at a time listening to the wind is an experience worth going far to seek.

The sonic qualities of psithurism seem to smudge the border between music and noise.

“I hear the wind among the trees
Playing celestial symphonies;

I see the branches downward bent,

Like keys of some great instrument”. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882)

“The white pines in the horizon, either single trees or whole wood, are particularly interesting. The wind is making passes over them, magnetizing and electrifying them…This is the brightening and awakening of the pines…As if in this wind-storm of March a certain electricity was passing from heaven to earth through the pines and calling them to life”. (Journal of Henry David Thoreau 1855-1861).


“When we hear the sound of the pine trees on a windy day, perhaps the wind is just blowing, and the pine tree is just standing in the wind. That is all that they are doing. But the people who listen to the wind in the tree will write a poem, or will feel something unusual. That is, I think, the way everything is.” Shunryu Suzuki (1904-1971)

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Andrea and Scots Pine, Clare Glens, Newport, Co. Tipperary


The profound connection between our land, our people, and her healing plants

It has been an amazing journey thus far, to listen to the messages of healing from our indigenous plants. Mother Nature is so clever in how she provides us with what healing we need in our environment to sustain us. Healing that comes in many forms from food; to herbal medicines,  potions, lotions, poultices, teas and fermented foods; to energy and vibrational healing remedies such as I make; and when needed in the right circumstances to create powerful and specific medicine and drugs.

My journey started with medicines but as time passed and experience and intuition grew, I came to see the immense healing power in the energy of our plants. Plants whose roots are connected into our land and history, and whose energy connects deep into the core of our emotional and spiritual being. The plants, flowers, and trees of our land unlock our potential to be free of emotional wounds and traumas and provide us with a strength, courage, and awakening. What a gift! A gift afforded to all in our countries and not an expensive medicine or supplement.

I have come to see that the plants of our country and lands are quite specific to her people and their emotional and spiritual needs. So as a rough guide the trees and plants of Ireland are specific to the Irish. With travel I have learned of many new plants and their unique energies; a few at a time on each trip.  But not many translated to be brought home. Most of my journey with plants in other countries has been an enlightening education about the people and the history of the land and their own unique and individual patterns of emotional and health issues. The plants allowed me to make remedies but I was to leave them there for the people whom I visited. It didn’t feel right or appropriate for me to take them with me, much as I may have wanted to!


A few plants did however gift me with their wisdom and healing to bring home for myself, my clients and the people here in Ireland. This is great, if not a tad heavy in my luggage!

I chat about this more here:

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Healing….. what we are doing isn’t working

I am a trained pharmacist, if you have found my webpage this may surprise you. I am raised and bred in science. I excelled in school at all the languages, sciences and mathematical subjects. I was told I could do anything; so I decided on the medical field because I wanted to make a difference. Science solves problems and cures people after all, medicine and research seeks a cure? Doesn’t it?

that's me in the middle
that’s me in the middle on graduation day, 1997

And off I went, I studied hard to gain maximum points, I went to university, and then out I popped all educated into the work force. I thought I had made the decision that would give me the education to fix people’s health problems. The day I graduated as a pharmacist was the day I felt convinced that I could make a difference and I set about being the best pharmacist that I could be.

That was almost 20 years ago. Oh how my mind has been expanded, prized apart as the reality and truths have hit home; blown apart at times as I learnt about how the body really works, about healing modalities that science shuns, about energy and vibrations and healing and well LIFE. And now I am here; feeling less sure about what we are told, and more knowing about what we aren’t told, than I ever have been.

What we are doing isn’t working:

When talking and study, research and logic, and molecules, diet, supplements and pharmaceutical medicine cannot heal the body illness and pains that we suffer, nor provide the solutions to the emotional restlessness of our society and crisis of religion and spirituality, nor relieve the deep traumas that we carry as nations then we must look to new ways of healing.

people know more than ever about health, diet and exercise and yet are unwell, unhappy and unfit….

We are looking at the body through a microscope and missing the whole picture…

Where do we start looking?







or here?


Just as we progress as beings on an evolutionary journey so too must the methods of our ‘medicine’ progress. I don’t believe that we are looking for a stronger more forceful or powerful solution, but one that approaches the body and its imbalances in a more subtle, gentle, and yet powerfully interconnected way. A way to heal that gets the whole body into alignment, one that gets straight into the core of our being physically and metaphysically, from the invisible frequencies that make us alive, to the cells, organs, tissues, bones, and physical parts of our being AND one that connects with our whole time span of consciousness, emotions, memories, and the essence of our being. 

You cannot heal one (the body) in the absence of the other (the stuff we struggle to define!). A state of health is more than just the absence of sickness. Health is a state of being; it is a fit body that can rise to the challenges of daily living, physical work, social demands, exercise and play; it is a strong clear mind; it is a positive, creative, inspired outlook on life; it is a place of emotional connection and strong sense of belonging;  it is a heart filled with a direction towards some purpose (that we may not always know) and a feeling of love and responsibility, compassion (and forgiveness) towards other living beings (humans and animals); and it is a flow of energy that connects our feet right into the belly of mother earth and towards the cosmos of ‘something out there’ as of yet unknown.

I don’t know how to describe health more eloquently than this only to add that it is a state of feeling free and alive.

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Let the universe speak; let peace into your heart

Journeys in Healing

The universe is always knocking on the door to your heart; she speaks with words that convey a hidden and symbolic message to only you. The universe speaks your language in nature, animals, birds and bees, the lyrics of music, signposts, numbers, through strangers and in our deepest dreams and intuitions.

There is always something more out there trying to reach you and in the busyness of life we often miss this.

YET, we pay for classes, read books, follow gurus, listen to videos and pay exorbitant amounts to others for what we already have within.

To find peace, you must let it in.
To have wisdom, you must first listen.
To know your answers, you must be still.
To grow you must simply be here in the now; aware and open to the universes lessons.

To find that place; you must simply open your senses.

The truth comes to those who…

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Write the next chapter…

Journeys in Healing


Do you want your story to stop with the hardship and the excuses and the ‘poor me story’ or to move forward into the chapters detailing the triumph of taking action, the story of trying and then doing, achieving and then succeeding?

We all carry the potential for success, in every part of our lives: work, love, health, relationships, sport, finances, and our own silent personal journey.
Everyone of us has the potential for success….

Life at every corner will present you will opportunities to take a new direction and create something better or will show you the old direction that if you choose, will validate where you wish to stay stuck. For example a change in direction may provide you with the opportunity to eat better and start exercising OR to stay stuck in your illness telling everyone why you cannot eat better or start moving more.

Do you want to…

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Breathe in the NOW and let go

Journeys in Healing


Hi Folks,

I wanted to reach out today and say hello with a short message from Hawaii. I sat on Honl’s beach off Ali’i drive this morning for as many hours as it took me to start to let go; and feel my way back into the subtle energies of the world. Here was my beautiful view, stunning eh?

I hope that in my words, there are a many loving nudges for you to accept into your heart space.

Breathe in the Now and let go.

We all control things in life. No matter how far we think we may have journeyed along the path; there is always some more letting go to be done. Maybe allow it to be a fascinating journey into yourself; one with many ah-ha and amusing moments, as well as tears of release mingled into wanting to fight or resist what is for us.

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Mothers Love

Before I describe how this remedy can assist you I first want to give you a bit more background to this remedy.

Reigniting what our ancestors believed health was and how to use traditional ways to heal.

The Celts, our Irish ancestors, believed health was crucial; in fact according to the book I am reading there was a fine if your belt no longer fit.
The Druids were the guardians of the health of the land and her Celtic people.

Health was considered a Mind-Body-Spirit thing and it was a duty of the Druids to oversee that the community remained healthy. The Druids spent years learning their healing ways; immersed in nature, in solitude, allowing nature and her spirits to speak with the wisdom of healing and plant knowledge.

Nature, plants, trees, spring water, food, sweat lodges, stones and sacred sites were all considered vital parts of the healing tool kit. Healing wasn’t just a physical and emotional journey; the Druids had an ability to read the person and their soul and gave great importance to assisting you in finding your purpose.

All the above resonates so deeply with me, and I use most of the above mentioned strategies in my own healing toolkit these days. This isn’t something that I intentionally set out to study; life brought the lessons to me and nature showed me her ways.  Nature has always called me to spend hours observing her, feeling her energies and honouring her wisdom gifted to me. There are many days when I leap out of the bed just knowing that I must cycle somewhere, be somewhere, or to sit in silence on some rock, stone formation or in the belly of a forest quite simply feeling the past and present energies of the land. Through listening with all of my senses I have learnt a tremendous amount of information about the land, her history, her people and the trees and plants; I still have a lot to learn.

Although my science brain has given up trying to analyse this magic and I trust in the healing of the plants and their energies I still worry will people and clients think i am daft. Are they ready yet to use this new but very ancient and profound way of healing? Or are they still stuck in their heads, along with medicine and drugs and supplements that are failing to heal us ( because mostly the true causes aren’t where we place blame). Meanwhile sciences uses an ever more powerful microscope to look at the body in increasingly minute and isolated ways; we are starting to very obviously miss the bigger picture.

I have had to very much change my own attitude about the energy of healing and the subtle energies of the plants, herbs, stones, and aromatherapy oils; even light, sound and vibration carries healing information. As I allowed myself to get over my attachment to my science training as a pharmacist and nutritional therapist I started to see that there is so much more. Furthermore opening myself up to seeing out of the box has allowed me to explore  myself and my sensitivity to this world. I have written about this in greater detail in another blog (here) for the intention of helping many others with similar sensitivities that are challenged by coping in our modern world.


I don’s have all the answers (yet) about are people ready to make changes when I suggest they get into nature, listen to their soul whispers, and trial the remedies that I make from trees and plants……. But I will continue to honour the nudges I receive and will add to the wonderful range of healing plant and tree essences that I have in my clinic waiting for those ready to embrace their wonders.

Watch children… they will collect plants, tree parts, climb in trees, collect stones, and jump into water…. children know best because they haven’t forgotten. And many also know how to release the emotions before they cause illness.

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Key words for Heather plant healing essence:

“Autumn Hope”

“Nurture and nest”

“Patience and tolerance through the changing season”

“Sun energy to guide us through the darker evenings”

“A still mind and trusting heart”


“A reminder of your role in the bigger picture”

“An ability to let go of seeking recognition, while having faith in the time now being right to speak up for your truth and defend what is right”

“Quiet confidence in your healing gifts and a reminder of your strengths”

“Acknowledgement and gratitude for all women who walked before…..”

“An awakening of the forgotten or suppressed healing gifts of the women of Ireland”


women healers

Celtic women were distinct in the ancient world for the liberty and rights they enjoyed and the position they held in society. Although political and public life was largely the domain of men, they were not excluded from any occupation and they held positions of authority. Women served as chieftains, druids, warriors, poets and healers; they served as diplomats and judges; and they served as arbitrators, mediating in political and military disputes and in tribal assemblies…to read more http://www.celticquill.com/

Purple Heather, also known as Calluna Vulgaris or Ling is the purple heather that we see flowering through August and September on our local hills and bogs in Ireland. Heather’s botanical name is Calluna vulgaris. Calluna originates from the Greek Kallyno, meaning “beauty, sweep clean”.

Heather has a long history in Ireland and many uses. The most familiar to us will be heather honey and heather meade. In Austria heather flowering tips are used as a tea.

Heather on silvermines 2


Heather plant healing essence fills the heart with the last of Summer rays, she is a playful and colour-filled energy; she nourishes the heart and stills the worried mind as the seasons once more transition. Season changes can instill us with feelings of anxiety, being sun creatures we Irish feel uneasy as the sun once more dips into darker evenings. Heather assists us transition smoothly though change and in doing so support others.

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