Earth Connection flower essence blend

Connection, Love, Respect

Divine love & Wisdom

This is a beautiful healing flower essence that called me strongly today while out playing in the early morning sun. If the words above grab your attention then this lovely positive-buzzing remedy may be for you.

earth connection 3
This mornings wild flower collection; all except the lilac gave their healing energy into this remedy. The energy in this remedy is that of a perfect Irish Summer’s day.

I recorded a video to better describe this remedy which I am calling Earth Connection. I think that the best way to describe what this remedy can give us, if we are open to receive, is by asking you to imagine the following feelings:

This is what Earth Connection flower essence creates:

  • Waking full of energy just knowing that it is a glorious sunny day outside; you feel alive and yet deeply peaceful, invigorated and excited for the day. Imagine what this energy feels like; it is positive, creative, appreciative, and forward focused.
  • Feeling deeply connected to everything around you; the wild flowers and trees, nature and her wildlife. Your senses are extra sharp and you can feel everything that is alive, hear every sound down to the hum of distant bumble bees, smell the waft of summer flowers and freshly cut grass, and see everything in technicolour sharpness. You feel a part of life, and life feels a part of you. This is what feeling connected means; you are cocooned in safety and you are not alone.
  • The sun and her rays connecting deeply to every part of your being; giving life to your blood stream right into the core of your being. You want to stop and drink it all up; store it for future days when the sun may not shine so brightly. We are sun-powered creatures and when we are tapped into the sun; we feel boundless energy and limitless creativity. (If you are seeking creative inspiration consider combining this with Indian Paintbrush remedy).
  • That feeling on a sunny day where everything is more vivid, more alive and more clear in your eyes; it is like life is 3D and more beautiful than you have ever seen it. It is the spine tingling feeling as you realize what a blessing life is. All your worries stop and you just breathe it all in. Today you will not stress the small stuff and will enjoy the bigger picture and see the true meaningful things in life.
  • A deep love, respect, and sense of connection to Mother Earth; even a sense of responsibility towards her as you sense her providing for you in more ways that you can count. You feel gratitude wash through you for your life; and the learning experiences. They all seem to make more sense in this moment.
  • A strong feeling of faith and hope; a faith and hope that not only will everything be OK; but that everything already is.
  • Grounded, positive, alive, empowered.

This is my intention for Earth Connection healing flower essences. If you are interested to use this remedy please email me.

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World Travels – flower & tree essences calling me in Sedona

Hello everyone,

So as many of you that follow my personal blog know, I am in Sedona, Arizona for a stint of personal time out, spiritual retreat and also to soak up whatever unexpected magic comes my way.  And yes Sedona has been kind to my heart as I discovered some lovely little healing plants and trees full of wisdom here.

Not only did they speak to me of their healing properties but I felt gifted with two beautiful remedies that whispered a message of their healing for the Irish at home. I feel so blessed and honoured to be gifted this knowledge to bring home with me. Not many plants in an environment translate into healing for people from a different culture and country; so this is something precious. I will soon write-up separate entries for Indian Paintbrush and the local Juniper so if you are interested to read more than click into the menu on to the individual plant entries.

Juniper 7
Utah Juniper off Dry Creek Rd, Sedona

It’s not that simple a process to hear the healing secrets within a plant. There is no book that I go to for the answers; but rather I prefer to spend time with the plants that I am drawn to, to sense their healing. This is how I first knew how to make the plant energy essences; from simply being in nature and using my intuition from there and it is a practice that I have maintained ever since despite what other people are doing (other use slight variations; I have stayed true to what I was shown). I believe that the language of plants is very specific to the country, location, history of the land and needs of the people. And if I don’t honour this, then the plants may no longer speak.

Many people across the UK, USA and globally are tapping into the innate healing energy of plants. We all have our own tweaks and unique differences in how we make and use the remedies; perhaps this is because there is a healing energy from us the makers in each remedy also. I take great care to align myself with the best of heart centered intentions when I make the remedies; they are a gift from mother nature for our health, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.

So earlier in the week I spent some time with the plants that I had  been drawn to the previous week during my work with Clint. Only this time I sat alone with the plants, with Thunder mountain to my back and in the relative peace and quiet away from tourists.   Here are some photos and a quick blog that I recorded:



So today April 1st 2016, I ventured up a different side of Thunder mountain closer to her energy spots as this called me to find the plants that I was seeking; Indian paintbrush and Juniper.

Aren’t the views amazing?


Here are a few words that I recorded on how i found myself exactly where I needed to be.

And also a few words that may resonate with sensitive persons

I will write more about these beautiful healing plants from Sedona, under the heading Indian Paintbrush and Sedona Juniper.

Much love,

red rock state park 4 Andrea and Clint
With Clint Frakes, my good friend and guide here in Sedona. He made possible the most amazing journey for me.

PS Here are a selection of other shots that I took of the beautiful spring flowers as they came to life during my stay. I wish more had called me; perhaps they will another time. I apologise that I don’t have them all identified. If you google wild flowers Sedona you will see just how tricky this is!

Oh and a wee update about PhiBee aromatics aromatherapy oils that I will be introducing to the clinic soon; these are wow and wow the most amazing pines, firs, junipers, sages and local flowers that I have ever smell-experienced.

Plant and Tree Essences feedback

Hi Folks,

We have been getting lovely feedback from clients about their experiences with the tree and plant energy essences (see here: . No one blend is the same as we pick and choose based on the day and the client, and my intuition; even for my own personal use I tend to vary the blends or single essences that I use. This flexibility to custom blend based on clients needs and intuition is such a lovely and also intriguing thing.

Currently I am using Sea Pinks, Yellow Kidney Vetch and budding Spring Chestnut 🙂

Copper coast 21
Sea pinks in Waterford; where i made my remedies

Here is a wee video blog recorded this week, as I excitedly share this feedback with you. I actually was trying to take a photo of my remedy and the label wouldn’t show so instead you get me talking post sweaty cold run!

Oh and this is a wonderful and comprehensive article about Nourishing the Energy Body; Jule Klotter the author also touches on how plant essences work to aid this re-balancing of the body. Well worth a read.



Update November 2016

Hello folks,

Well things have been very busy and exciting. We have several new remedies which I am very excited about, notably Season’s Change and also Wounded Heart.

Check them out!