Healing….. what we are doing isn’t working

I am a trained pharmacist, if you have found my webpage this may surprise you. I am raised and bred in science. I excelled in school at all the languages, sciences and mathematical subjects. I was told I could do anything; so I decided on the medical field because I wanted to make a difference. Science solves problems and cures people after all, medicine and research seeks a cure? Doesn’t it?

that's me in the middle
that’s me in the middle on graduation day, 1997

And off I went, I studied hard to gain maximum points, I went to university, and then out I popped all educated into the work force. I thought I had made the decision that would give me the education to fix people’s health problems. The day I graduated as a pharmacist was the day I felt convinced that I could make a difference and I set about being the best pharmacist that I could be.

That was almost 20 years ago. Oh how my mind has been expanded, prized apart as the reality and truths have hit home; blown apart at times as I learnt about how the body really works, about healing modalities that science shuns, about energy and vibrations and healing and well LIFE. And now I am here; feeling less sure about what we are told, and more knowing about what we aren’t told, than I ever have been.

What we are doing isn’t working:

When talking and study, research and logic, and molecules, diet, supplements and pharmaceutical medicine cannot heal the body illness and pains that we suffer, nor provide the solutions to the emotional restlessness of our society and crisis of religion and spirituality, nor relieve the deep traumas that we carry as nations then we must look to new ways of healing.

people know more than ever about health, diet and exercise and yet are unwell, unhappy and unfit….

We are looking at the body through a microscope and missing the whole picture…

Where do we start looking?







or here?


Just as we progress as beings on an evolutionary journey so too must the methods of our ‘medicine’ progress. I don’t believe that we are looking for a stronger more forceful or powerful solution, but one that approaches the body and its imbalances in a more subtle, gentle, and yet powerfully interconnected way. A way to heal that gets the whole body into alignment, one that gets straight into the core of our being physically and metaphysically, from the invisible frequencies that make us alive, to the cells, organs, tissues, bones, and physical parts of our being AND one that connects with our whole time span of consciousness, emotions, memories, and the essence of our being. 

You cannot heal one (the body) in the absence of the other (the stuff we struggle to define!). A state of health is more than just the absence of sickness. Health is a state of being; it is a fit body that can rise to the challenges of daily living, physical work, social demands, exercise and play; it is a strong clear mind; it is a positive, creative, inspired outlook on life; it is a place of emotional connection and strong sense of belonging;  it is a heart filled with a direction towards some purpose (that we may not always know) and a feeling of love and responsibility, compassion (and forgiveness) towards other living beings (humans and animals); and it is a flow of energy that connects our feet right into the belly of mother earth and towards the cosmos of ‘something out there’ as of yet unknown.

I don’t know how to describe health more eloquently than this only to add that it is a state of feeling free and alive.


We saw this rain tree on our recent travels. Look at this tree; we see a tree. Take another look and appreciate her size; can you see the golf buggies to the left?

So now we see a very large tree, but what we don’t see is the tree breathing in and out into the atmosphere in a constant exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, or the roots that drink and nourish into the depths of the ground or the leaves that transform light energy into food energy. This tree is more than what we see; she is connected to everything around her. Just as we are.

We are more than flesh; more than the cells seen at the end of a powerful microscope, x-ray or ultrasound. We are energy, we are frequencies, we are vibrations and as humans we heal with more than just food, supplements, drugs, or talking.

We respond to light, colour, sound, smell, love, and the subtle frequencies surrounding and beneath us. We have a requirement for the sun, the ground oscillating beneath our feet, the energy from mountains, rivers, ocean waves, the trees and plants and even the stones and rocks.


(You may well laugh; but have a look around you. You are probably wearing some type of ‘rock’ in jewelry or a watch; and consider how many times you have brought stones home from the beach or a walk. Furthermore look at how as humans we invite plants, trees and flowers into our lives. We own a garden, we have indoor plants, we stop to smell the flowers or sit close to trees in the park. See how you are doing so many things subconsciously to heal?).

We often in our day, do things to restore our energy. In an ideal world we would not let our health and energy fall so low; but we do and we become ill and worse. And to heal we must also re-balance; how fortunate are we to have so many tools at our disposal once we decide to honour and heal our bodies.

Healing waters at Sanctuario de Chimaya, New Mexico

We cannot thrive without these forces and this is why I believe that treatments such as sound, music, light, colour, crystals, vibrations and frequencies (e.g. magnetic or electrical), therapists with a skill to channel and share energy, aromatherapy, water, and even animals heal. This healing is on a level far deeper than any of our ‘modern’ medicine; and can also work with medicine. Sometimes we need to do a bit of both; be sensible on your path. A good therapist understands both medicine and their chosen fields of expertise. 

We struggle to comprehend the hows and whys of healing and energetic therapies, it is out human nature to want to pull it all apart, control it, have an opinion about it, make rules; what if you simply accepted it? What if you followed your intuition and directed the path of your healing accordingly? You cannot heal what is a deep and complex issue with one-dimensional treatments. To heal, you must be prepared to travel deep, and to make change – often many changes and that is scary. But would you rather be stuck? Most of us get stuck asking why and limit ourselves because we want to control and understand it; where is the logic in that?

Perhaps the question isn’t ‘why’ but what next?


We spend so much time seeking answers that we rarely see the solutions right in front of us. The solutions are rarely in the form or words, numbers, or logic when it comes to matters of finding our selves, our path, and our very essence; the solutions come in the form of a feeling, an urge, a knowing.


We cannot find the answers to matters of our hearts when we come from the head. This is why I am so passionate about the healing wisdom of our plants and trees. They hold unique vibrations that connect us to parts of ourselves that we struggle to find.

So I stopped asking why and started to listening to how. My knack is plants and energy and healing stones. It always has been right from my childhood. I know what they do, I know how to use them, and I’m doing my best to put this together with the struggles that people are going through because I feel people too. And although I went off on a tangent to learn science and medicine; it was all for a reason. So now I try to combine it all.  My skills won’t resonate with everyone, some people will want science only and I can do this; and some will want a more holistic and complete package and I will do my best to rise to this too. I simply want to help.

I am hoping that if what I do resonates with you, that I somehow can put my life experience and learning to assist you on your path, for a while, until you are ready to fly on stronger into your own travels and experiences.

Much love,



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