This little remedy was the best fun to create; mother nature was literally falling into my way with the plants and earth gems that fell across my path and awareness as I ran from the forest near Castlewaller into Bleanbeg bog in the hills behind Newport, Tipperary.

THIS is my stomping ground, where I find heart and soul, inspiration and focus as much as I am surrounded by tranquility and beauty. Nature reaches out to me from the birds, butterflies, trees and even the white and rose quartz jutting out of the path and streams everywhere; this trail is alive with energy!

I wanted to capture this, as much for me, as for you. So this remedy is created out of a deep love and respect for this place, my heart home, and my forever home as I grew up in these hills. I spent time on a bike, on foot with the dog, and on a horse in these hills; endless hours with a wandering curious mind that just got lost.

There is healing in these hills, and there is a soul filling energy that takes you back to gratitude, peace and contentment. Nothing matters other than the deeper stuff like being happy, doing the things you love, appreciating the people who matter, and recognising the amazing work that your body does.

This remedy is a call to bring you back to:

  • awareness
  • connection sole to soul and soul to earth soul
  • gratitude
  • peace
  • heart space; we all live in our heads far too much.
  • presence
  • wisdom
  • intuition
  • the bigger picture and perspective
  • feeling alive, and the enormousness of the gift that this is

You don’t need to be a runner to want to restore this sacred connection between you, mother nature and your heart. This remedy is tremendously helpful for those who feel disconnected, stressed, and unable to get into nature when they need it most. This remedy’s intention and my own heart desire is to bring this energy to you captured in the essence of this bottle.



What is in this remedy?

White quartz from the earth, mountain ash, wild blooming honeysuckle, elder flower, ground lichen, oak, budding bramble, fallen pine.

Ps the birds also were everywhere around me whilst collecting for this remedy, not only in the forest but also when I reached home. The crows left me a beautiful feather and a little bird sat on the windowsill as I let the plant and quartz energy infuse the remedy.